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Does the wind whisper softly in your ear? No, because wind doesn't have a mouth, dumbass. [DISCUSSION PLS COMMENT FOR ONCE] · 5:17am Aug 16th, 2013

Thanks for reading Laugh Shack by the way guys.

That was sarcasm.

I still love you guys though.


Definitely. I'm joking. Mostly.

So I've been pretty indecisive about what to write next. I'm gonna to ask you guys, but 99% (actually 98.48 repeating because math yo) don't post comments. I have low expectations.

Should I continue any of my stories? Most of the ones I'm willing to continue were started a very long time ago and reading them again makes me cringe repeatedly. I guess I could make another story, but I dunno if I'd even have the motivation to finish it. I'm lacking people who read my stories... my friend had to post one of them to reddit to bring Laugh Shack above 20 views. Meh. You guys don't want me to complain.

I want to make something that'll draw viewers while also being something I want to write (which means clop is still no). I just can't think of much that fits the bill. Ya know, the fact the cover art thing was brought up but not passed hurts my soul. It was such a good idea. But alas clop still dominates the feature box... which is saddening. Wait I'm rambling. Shit.

Just comment or whatever. I'll most likely reply.

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