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You know, I wonder if any of you thought I was dead. [Semi-Important Update] · 4:55am Jun 30th, 2013

But nope. I'm still here. Alive and quite well.

So obviously I'm here to say something. Two things.

One: I'm submitting Chapter 1 of Laugh Shack. Surprise! I decided not to make it all at once and instead test the waters with one chapter. I do promise to finish it no matter what, however. I already have about 90% of it planned out and the very ending done. Just those middle bits need filling in to make a cohesive story.

Two: Plans for the summer. Obviously Laugh Shack is #1 priority in terms of writing. I'm going to try to make it a priority out of others things as well. On a personal note, I've been a lot more busy with school (before it ended for summer) and newfound friends and stuff. I was thinking of making this earlier in fact but I didn't have a reason for it besides planning for summer.

After Laugh Shack, which will take considerable time, I dunno. Might pick up on a couple of collabs I've been meaning to do. Maybe some one-shot. I don't really have many ideas for longer fics 'cause I've been dedicated to Laugh Shack for so long. I'm sure if I want to I can come up with some ideas. I also maybe, (but only just maybe) revisit some older fics like TERMINAL5.

So yeah. Just wanted to fill you guys in and surprise you a bit.

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Comments ( 12 )

Are you sure you're not dead?

*checks pulse*

I thought you were a ghost. Looks like I was right!

lol I forgot about that

Wait I have an actual question. Do you know the backlog of stories right now by any chance?

Backlog of stories where?

Submitted stories to this site. Like, I know you're friends with WandererD and wanted to know if you could ask about the submitted story queue :y

Oooh. It usually only takes a half hour at the most for submitted stories to go through the queue nowadays.

Besides, D's gone to bed.

Only a half hour? Damn. I remember when my story was in the queue for 8 hours and I missed prime time.

Pffff, remember when new stories wouldn't get published for weeks?

No I don't remember that. What caused that to happen?

You don't remember that? It was last August-September or so. Stories wouldn't get published for days, then there would be a flood of them. Rinse and repeat.

Anywho, as to why, I think it was lazy or busy mods or something.

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