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Magical Mystery Cure · 11:17pm Feb 16th, 2013

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LIQUID PRIDDDDEEEEE!!!!!! and derpy is in the episode

I thought it was decent.

Not perfect (the pacing was faster than Sonic the Hedgehog on Speed), but still enjoyable.

i only saw her on the bridge in ponyville and between peoples feet on the floor, winking at us like the cute little pony she is

i was completely stunned when she became an alicorn and there was way too much singing. needless to say my right eye twitched the last five minutes.
i...i don't know what to think, so i'll judge it when season 4 comes out!

also, practically the whole episode was written by daniel ingram!

Yeah, quite a letdown.
I blame the executives.

no but seriously i'm pretty sure she was in it three times:pinkiehappy: but i can't watch again because my internet is fucking slow:fluttershysad:

Had they split it out into the cutie mark 'Magical Mystery Cure,' and then another 1/2 hour long 'Hasbro Needs to Use Alicorn Molds' episode, I'd've been a bit happier. They need to make these fucking things an hour long or something.

I agree. Maybe we can sacrifice Spike at Your Service to an eldritch god in return for an expanded episode.

I hate Hasbro for this, so I flipped an imaginary table:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::fluttercry::fluttercry:

Like I keep repeating in every freak-out session I've come across: first part of a three part episode.

We can all see Twilgith could'nt refuse or have a moment to realise what this means right? and Celestia had this all planned out (SHE'S EVIL!) I swear this episode did dispoint me, but it couldve been worse than a sorten Spike losing all his skills episode, however what made it so bad for me was its lack of explanation and super fast pacing disapointed. and discord didnt deliver his mariachi band for the party :pinkiesad2: this is gonna wake some problem for twilight in the future i hope the impact of being agless/immortasl what have you wont be lsot to her (atleast she'll have Spike to keep her company for a long time.)

Well that doesn't excuse this episode for being two episodes welded together. In the first half, rather than discovering the solution to the problem (i.e. learn a friendship lesson) Twilight gets a short little song about how bad things are and then suddenly know how to fix things. That solution is Twilight couldn't help them, but she could get them to help their friends, but Twilight makes no effort to help them because, again, music. Then in the second half Twilight becomes a princess, but at no point do we learn what the connection between friendship and being a princess is. If that sounds obvious, it's because it should be, yet it's never talked about at all. Young children watch this show, they need to be given a why, and the only reason we have is "because Friendship!" It doesn't matter that this is going to be followed by more episodes because this episode regardless of what's added later is terrible.

Looking at the various blogs and stuff, this is probably the best one liner I've found:

If you removed every line containing the word "friendship" from the season 3 finale, you'd have a silent film.

That's from here, if anyone wants to read that.

I really, really wanted Celestia to have an operatic metal singing voice, like Tarja Turunen.

too many songs, too rushed and the conflict of the ep was solved too quickly for it to have been as enjoyable as it should have been with all the characters switching places. even if this is the first part of a three parter it just seem like they went about it too quickly. they could have made an ep where rainbow teaches twilight how to fly and scootaloo could have been part of it but they ruined that as well with twilight instantly knowing how to fly.

oh well only time will tell cdn.derpiboo.ru/media/W1siZiIsIjIwMTMvMDIvMTYvMTdfMDNfMzlfNzAyXzI0NTM4MV9fVU5PUFRfX3NhZmVfc2Nvb3RhbG9vX2FwcGxlX2Jsb29tX3N3ZWV0aWVfYmVsbGVfaW1hZ2VfbWFjcm9fbWV0YS5qcGcuanBnIl1d/245381__safe_scootaloo_apple-bloom_sweetie-belle_image-macro_meta_cutie-mark-crusaders.jpg.jpg

I actually quite liked it, i didn't mind the songs at all, but i liked it as a series finale. Whatever they intend to do in season 4, if it goes back to the main 6 it will be disappointing.

There's just too much closure in this episode, Twilight is now a demigod, she's been declared an unparalleled expert in friendship, Celestia's song was basically a "and they lived happily ever after" deal. Going back now will be no better than killing off a comic book super hero and then bringing him back a few issues later pretending it makes sense and that everything is still fine.

I doubt it will happen but i would like if if they end the "Friendship is Magic" part of the show, and do like MLP: The next generation or something for season 4, jump 25 years in the future where the mane 6 all have their own lives and families and then something happens but they are now too old and grown apart to wield the elements so they have to pass them to their children who are the same age as they are now or something. Twilight sends teenage spike in her stead because she never got married or something.

The MLP world is so big, just let the main 6 go. The episode was gave to much closure for them to go back gracefully.

i bet you didn't know the scorchmark looked like twilights cutie mark:pinkiehappy:

So much potential for an amazing ep., but they didn't do much with it.....felt like they could try, but decided not to...'rushed' is a good word.

I liked this episode.

Except Pinkie, fuck Pinkie.

Unlike every other time the elements of harmony have been used?
I reserve opinion until the season opening doesn't turn out to be about how the villain of the month convinced Twilight to abandon her friends by tricking her into thinking she should be a princess which is just as likely to happen as anything else at this point.


848948 See, I know people in real life that are like Pinkie. And all of them annoy the piss out of me. I can honestly not say a single good thing about her, worst pony. Her and Fluttershy both.

Depends on how Pinkie is illustrated. If she's just a bubbly, happy air-head - yeah probably annoy me too. Those types of people tend - in my experience - to use their happiness and constant attempts at 'randomness' to draw attention to themselves and to avoid having to do anything meaningful or having to think. When substance is required in life, they find themselves sorely lacking.

But if Pinkie is more than just a bubbly, happy air-head (as I've tried to illustrate in my story) then they can be some of the best people. Pinkie and Fluttershy jockey for top-pony in my own personal list but that's probably a bit of a head-canon situation. I see them both as empathetic in the extreme, reacting to the external emotive states of others. Fluttershy is the introvert empath - she doesn't like others to be unhappy and feels powerless to help so she hides in order to not be affected. Pinkie is the extrovert empath - she doesn't like others to be unhappy and tries everything to make them happy again. There's also - in Pinkie's case - the situation where she is validating herself through others (Party of One showed some abandonment issues I feel), has the ability to hold a grudge (same as well as the Pinkie Promise), and can resort to that same 'air-headedness.' That last one I've tried to paint as an attempt on her part to avoid thinking about painful/uncomfortable subjects or to distract others from the same. But that's just me.

851681 While I do agree entirely with your first paragraph I feel the need to comment on your second.

I will be honest with you and say, yes, that would be a great way to look at them. However, I feel the show never actually, or at least never fully, portrays them in such a characterization. All I seem to see from Pinkie is constant randomness and air-headedness, and all I seem to see from Fluttershy is a delicate wall flower with no real substance. Most of this comes down to personal preferences IRL. For instance, as I said, I know people in real life that are like Pinkie in pretty much every way, and all they seem to do is make me uncomfortable and/or annoy me. This comes from my heavily type B personality, I don't like to be approached by others on personal subjects such as my feelings, if I wanted you to know, I would have come to you. But I will have to say that Fluttershy is probably worse in my opinion. She has really no character beyond whining and being a general nuisance, which is a shame because of her stellar potential. I love a character with contrast and I feel that her assertive side, if fleshed out and made more prominent, has a great opportunity to make her into my favorite of the mane 6. The reason Fluttershy annoys me is because of what I feel is wasted by making her, essentially, a background pony.

While I love the way you have portrayed these two characters I normally don't like, I don't like the actual cannon representation of them.

So how are you gona get around Twilight being a alicorn in Oh to be old agen? make it a universe where this episode didn't happen? or make it so Twilght was just visiting ponyville for a while and she hid her wing with a spell so ponies don't bow down to her evry time she goes to buy food, or mayby she lost her wings somehow...because at the end of this episode she side " YES every thing is gona be just fine!" Why did you jinx your shelf Twilight???:twilightblush:

I was going to make mention of this in the next author's note but ... Twilicorn didn't happen in OtbOA. I'm just going to ignore that for this and everything started pre-Twilicorn. I have a lot started. I'm debating on whether it's a good enough idea to use ever. Maybe. It's not as bad as it seems. The story wasn't weak inherently but the time limit under which it suffered really made it that way. Had they been given more time or another episode to flesh the idea out, I think it would have been much better.

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