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On Documentaries · 5:56pm Jan 28th, 2013

So... a lot of people talking about that Brony documentary. Well, they were talking about it a week or two ago. I guess I'm a bit late to the party.

I don't have much to say about it, honestly. I'm not a fan, for a lot of reasons. Won't sugarcoat that. But other people have explained why better than I could, I think.

The reason I'm posting is this.

If you have an hour and a half to spare or you're just looking for something to watch, please, please click that link.

I'm not a trekkie - I haven't seen too much of any of the shows. I have friends who are, no doubt. But I think I was mostly unbiased going into this movie. And the thing that kept striking me, over and over again, was how unbelievably GOOD it was compared to the brony documentary.

THAT is how it's done. Informative, inclusive, and above all, honest. I had an incredible time watching it, and I hope a few of you give it a chance if you haven't seen it.

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Comments ( 13 )

I didnt see the brony documentary because I dont know I think I am just to lazy to watch it.

Wanderer D

I'll take a look! I need ideas after all.

Site Blogger

I guess I should rewatch Trekkies, it's been years. And I should probably get around to watching Bronies, too. :twilightblush:

Not a Trekkie but this was nice.

I really don't understand the hate for the brony documentary. Seems completely undeserved to me, like people just enjoy bashing it to be on a band wagon. :rainbowhuh:

*shrug* I was never really interested in the Brony documentary anyway, so I have yet to see it.

I shall watch that video later. I must say, the brony documentary seemed far more self-serving from what parts I have seen. You simply cannot expect an unbiased film when you have the FANS THEMSELVES footing the bill for their own story. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply mistaken.

There are also "pony-political" reasons I was against this, but those are too complex to bother with at this time.

i've watch the Documentary and it was ok..... but definetely not a 300k budget worthy proyect, it really look amateurish (taking in consideration the people involved), it could be a looooot better IMO, it was very shallow and gives more questions than answers. sadly it seems that it was more for profit purposes :applejackunsure:

How much white washing happened? Usually when something is "by $x, for $x" they gloss over the unpleasant parts in an orgy of incestuous wanking. I'm not gonna pirate it. because that would sully my torrent program, but to pay $13 for it? Haha, fuck no.

Anyone got a link to the brony documentary?:pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::yay::scootangel:

I would definitely watch Trekkies again before I would even think about watching Bronies. It was THAT good.

All the whitewashing. I would define it as more masturbatory than incestuous, though.

First off, you aren't late to the party, I am.
Second, I rather liked the documentary, when I don't think of it so much as a documentary, because it does ignore quite a bit. However, despite its lack of completeness, it does make for some good counterpoints for the people who insist we're all gay and/or pedophiles, living in our parents' basements, doing nothing but rubbing cheeto dust in our neckbeards and... other places.

I would have replied to this earlier, but I ignore all notifications until after I've seen the latest episode.

EDIT: I just watched Trekkies. That is indeed how a documentary is done. Bronies should not be called a documentary. It's still informative, though.

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