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Another Romance Reports Sequel?! · 4:12am Jan 11th, 2013

Now, hold on. Bear with me.

Some of you may have noticed that I have story ideas listed on my user page. One of those was tentatively titled "Bacchanalia."

Being the incredibly slow and lazy writer I am, that one has been sitting there for a LONG time now, neglected and alone. I almost wrote it for a prompt over at Sexty Minute Ponies, but I only got a few pages in before running over time. Then I continued neglecting it.

Then Cold in Gardez showed up.

"Hey, Sleepless," he said, pointing at the idea. "Are you gonna write that one, or what?"

"Probably not," I said. "Perhaps you were unaware, but I'm kind of a slow and lazy writer."

"Can I write it?"

At this point I balked a little. Cold in Gardez? THE Cold in Gardez?


And then he did.

And it was awesome.

Link is here. I hope all of you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Comments ( 15 )

:pinkiegasp: Yes!
I shall be looking forward to reading this tonight.

Not THE Watt Dabney- I mean Cold in Gardez?! :pinkiegasp:
Whozzat? :rainbowderp:

Cold in Gardez wrote Naked Singularity, one of my favorite fics of all time. Among lots of other awesome things.

Go follow him!

I'll look him up. Thanks for the tip off. :twilightsmile:
I know it was obscure, but I was hoping that someone would get the Monty Python reference...

Don't be so down dude!

*emotional girly scream* ejem..... thank you kind Sr., i'll proced to read that ay once:heart:

Liked it, felt it fit nicely in the universe. That said, find DeviceHeretic and get him to finish The Other Mare!

Awesome! Romance Reports establish a nice universe, and Cold in Gardez is excellent writer. Got to read this!

A reply to the last sentence: No. I'm afraid I didn't. The universe as depicted in "Like Fine Wine" doesn't appear as dark to me as the ending of this story implies, jarringly so. If the RR verse is going to go grimdark like that, include me out - which I'd think a shame, because I loved "LFW" and liked most of the other stories. But this unexpected turn towards Warhammer 40K territory is not what this universe needed. Sorry.

Oh ... right ... Romance Reports ...

*ahem* I think I left something in the other room ...


(Also, added to my Read Later list. Gardez is a very good writer, but I think you already know how lucky you are with him having written a sequel to RR.)

Yeah, I agree with several above... It's time to admit that you didn't just write an awesome story, you built an awesome universe, and now it's more of a franchise than a series of sequels.

Bring on the follow-on writers!

I'm impressed at how well it meshed with your own stories. I have to agree with Sugar Cubed, at this point I'd say what you've crafted is less a story, and more a universe. I'm eager to see where you (or others for that matter) take this.

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