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    So the idea behind posting this mess was originally to cleanse my palette: clear out all the old unfinished junk, and set out to new, greener pastures with new, better ideas for stories that I could write, now that I have the time and inclination to do so.

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    A great value of fanfiction is in the context that automatically surrounds any work you create. Biblical Monsters for example, would have difficulty being such a focused, tragic tale of miscommunication without the MLP context. In some sense, this whole site is one big collaborative writing project.

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    Twilight's new hairstyle will be the shark-jumping moment for this show, I'm certain of it. Time to start writing Littlest Pet Shop fics.

    Also... I like this theory.

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My Angel · 3:48pm Jan 10th, 2013

So, It's Tricksy, my silly Trixie rap-battle story was featured in Round 10 of Seattle's Angels' reviews, to my great surprise and gratitude.

In light of that, here are some obscure fics I've mined from the depths of Fimf and feel are worth a read.

Three Wishes by TimeBaby
It's incomplete, but looks like it's shaping up to be a fun travel-adventure story about Gilda, Trixie and Braeburn, an odd combination if ever there was one. It even features a Nightmare Moon cult not headed by an orange juice addict.

To Ourselves and Our Posterity by George Pollock Jnr
A short letter-fic from the guy who wrote Tales. The letter-writer has a somewhat annoying tone, and it's more of a vignette than a story, per se, but the worldbuilding and character is fun enough to be worth a look if you enjoyed Tales. Although I may just be biased because I've always wanted to write a story about Luna and Celestia being born to an ordinary unicorn and pegasus couple and achieving their "godhood" via the Elements of Harmony in order to overthrow Discord.

Princess Luna Picks Up Hitchhikers by horizon
I miss Luna's Goodwill Tour. It's a damn shame WTFHIW never finished it. The first thing I thought upon reading Hitchhikers was that the gods of ponyfiction (Gushnor and Masterroxxor, of course) had smiled upon me. Of course, horizon's got something quite different to Goodwill Tour here (replete with a somewhat horrifying explanation of batponies and, obviously, post–"Luna Eclipsed" Luna), but it does touch on some similar themes.

No Tame Forest by PhantomFox
There's a lot of love for Sunny Skies All Day Long and My Faithful Student, but my favourite PhantomFox story will always be No Tame Forest, partially because of the perfect Zecora rhyming, and partially because I think, of the three, this one works best as a written work, whereas the other two are kinda "this would be better animated" deals.

Thanks again to Seattle's Angels for the feature!

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Oh, wow! This is where all the new favorites are coming from! And such praise ... :twilightblush: I may have to steal your words. Slightly out of context, of course.[1]

Hitchhikers is temporarily on a back burner while I try to force a Friendship Is Optimal fanfic out of my brain, but I do have most of the next chapter written, and plans for much more. You'll be interested to note that Ch. 3 begins to explore the batponies more -- drawing together into a coherent whole a lot of the odd tidbits you've seen about them so far.

Be forewarned the story may shift around in tone a bit. Like its namesake, ...Hitchhikers really needs to do a little wandering. I hope the rest of it lives up to the high bar that it has clearly already set. :twilightsmile:

[1] I'm provisionally leaning toward "It's a damn shame ... reading Hitchhikers was ... horrifying". Or maybe that amazingly ego-boosting line about the gods of ponyfiction. Tough call. :trollestia:

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