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Losing her first magic duel against Twilight Sparkle did irreparable damage to Trixie's reputation as a legitimate magic user. As a result, she has had to seek a new living as a con artist and treasure hunter. When she hears about a magic artifact that will grant its user three wishes, she knows it's her chance to get the magical power she needs to have her revenge on Twilight.

There's just one catch: Trixie can't get to the artifact by herself. She enlists the help of a humiliated griffon and a good-hearted but desperate Earth pony, but will she share the wishes with them as she promises, or find a way to keep them all for herself?

This story takes place between seasons 2 and 3.

[Cover image made by yours truly using art by Killryde, Turbo740 and a01421 on Deviant Art. If you're one of those people and would like the image removed, let me know.]

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Well written, original plot, few grammar mistakes...and a nice ending to the last chapter to make the reader want to come back and see what happens next...

This is probably going to be featured.

Nice set up, I'm interested in seeing where this goes! There's nothing like a Gilda and Trixie adventure!

I hate to break up the Trixie-and-Gilda-themed avatars, but at least mine is evil.
It's good. Workmanlike. No flashes of brilliant style, but it quickly lays out a well-structured opening, with enough new descriptions of new ponies and places to not feel like an infodump.

Loved it. Admittedly, I love everything with Trixie, but I love this even more than most. I just have one question- Weren't Trixie and Twilight on good terms last time Trixie went to Ponyville?

This looks good.

Oh, this looks interesting. I will track for now.

1725935 Yeah, I should probably put a note in the description saying that this takes place before season 3.

This is simply amazing, have my like and favorite, i'll be watching you :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Thanks to everyone for the favorites, comments, and likes! I'm really excited that people seem to be liking this before it even gets going! :twilightsmile:

Appleloosa. Calling it right now.

Agreed. Just an observation... they might want to enlist the changelings to "distract" the Royal Guards.


Appleloosa is a little out of the way since they're headed north (I reference the map of Equestria a lot while writing). But I wouldn't be surprised to see somepony from Appleloosa turn up where they are going... :trixieshiftright:

My guess is she has a friend or something in Vanhoover itself. Or at least nearby.

Wow great story i am hooked!:raritystarry:

This is really fun and well-written story! You have my attention. I can't wait for the next update! :)

(This is ArrJaySketch, btw!)

Am I the only one who thinks that Trixie's change at the end of "Magic Duel" was genuine?


Nope, I think it was genuine (though not a complete 180--I think she's still kind of full of herself). But this story is set before Magic Duel, so she's not there just yet. :raritywink:

2054485 Ah I see. That explains a lot.

2054518 I feel better since I kinda assumed it wasn't >> <<

For some reason it made her think back to Porter Stout, and whether the old barkeep had escaped punishment for his part in her escape. She chided herself for caring about whether he had.


Wow....that is so bucking awesome...

Only one comment in a week? :rainbowhuh:
But this is good stuff! :raritydespair:

Seems that SOMEPONY is starting to wonder about her motivations. :trixieshiftleft:
Oh Trixie, what are we gonna do with you?

Also, triple badasses, and not one shot of magic fired between them. Hay yeah! :rainbowdetermined2:

Now THAT, is a tale for her show. Trixie 1, Yeti 0.

I suppose now would be a good time for a, "was there ever any doubt?"

That busted wing is gonna be a problem though. Don't think it will be okay as fast as Dash's was.

I'm going to confess that my plan right up until I wrote that scene was to have Braeburn chase off the yeti while Trixie helped Gilda. Then I got the idea of Trixie actually vanquishing something, and it amused me too much not to use it. :trixieshiftleft:


Hmm... The writing style is good, but it lacks the really solid character interactions it needs to be a good adventure fic. None of their interactions really have that spark or flair needed to be good adventure story, sorry to say. I've always felt that absolute minimum bar for a good adventure fic is character interaction. You can excel in every other area, but if you lack engaging characters then its almost impossible for the fic to be all that great.

I've liked Gilda in other fics, I've liked Trixie in other fics, and... can't honestly say Braeburn's ever gripped me, but I don't like any of them that much in this fic. I'm sorry, but I just don't like them here. For a fic that stars a con artist/treasure hunter, an abrasive brute/jerk, and a massive boy scout, it's just not as funny as it should be. With those three character outlines there should be some solid gold in the writing here, especially when the three of them don't like eachother, there should be more humor here, or at least more memorable interaction. Where's the passive aggression, or the snark, or the anything to make these characters special or important to me?

I really want this fic to be better than it is.

Hey, thanks for at least being constructive in your criticism. I don't really feel inclined to argue, as I see where you're coming from for the most part (even if I obviously think I've done a better job with the character interactions than you do).

The only place I think you're being a little unfair is the humor. If I had a comedy tag on the story I can see it, but I never really intended this to be that funny.

Anyway, thanks for giving me some stuff to think about next time I work on this fic.


Okay, maybe I was being a little too harsh. There are some things you're actually doing quite well, I just didn't mention them because... I can be dick sometimes, basically.

As for your point about not having a comedy tag, I disagree. This is an adventure fic, isn't it? You have your three main characters on the cover art. Right from the get go this is advertising itself as a character focused fic, which means the readers need to like the characters, need to like seeing them together, just need to like reading about these people more than any other part of the story. Jokes and humor are easily one of the best and quickest way to endear a reader to a character. So much so, that to not see them happening here with this particular cast of characters is actually jarring. My own adventure fic has the dark tag, but even then it has a few funny moments in there. Let me put it this way, even if this isn't a comedy, humor is a tool you should be taking advantage of.

In which Trixie defeats Big Foot.

Also, along with what has already been pointed out (the overall lack of humorious banter), the flashbacks should be in italics.

That way you can tell them apart from the main story.

I'm guessing the wishes are going to be Wizard of Oz style, where 'it was always within your power; just do this' instead of warping reality to fulfill the wish

Holy crap, it's alive!
I thought for sure this story...but no matter. It's back, ah yis.

I wonder what Trix is gonna do...

3197340 Glad you're still reading! I always intended to see it through, but real life had to take precedence over ponies for a while. Even over Trixie. (Though I'd never tell her that!)

Oh wow. This story is really good! I'm seriously on the edge of my seat! I can't wait to see what you write next! :D

Good way to end it if I do say so myself.

Oh Trixie. True to form. :fluttershysad: I feel kinda bad for her coming this far and not getting her wish, but considering what she was planning on wishing for....More like I sympathize with the disappointment she has to be feeling.

Good on you Gilda, though. Here's hoping you and Dash are able to reconcile. :pinkiesmile:

So close Trixie.....

Still, it wouldn't have made much sense if she learned her lesson before Magic Duel.

Still, maybe she managed to take something away from all this, even if it takes a while to really set in.

I confess I felt like this was a bit of a weak ending. I really felt like you gave the impression that Trixie was changing and redeemable, to then have her simply prove none of it was true despite previous impression was a bit of a letdown. Thumbs down sorry.

Alicorn Amulet? Ooh!

3392640 I can handle dislikes on my stories as long as they come with constructive criticism. I see where you're coming from—I did tease Trixie's redemption so I could pull it away at the end. But this story is set before "Magic Duel", so it wouldn't have made sense to me to redeem her here before she goes back to get revenge on Twilight. I'm still thinking of writing a post-Magic Duel story about Trixie's attempt to be a better pony.

3397769 I guess I forgot or didn't realize it was pre-magic duel:twilightsheepish: So that was why I think it bothered me so much. And I'm glad (Insert words here that don't make it sound insulting that I think you're awesome for accepting criticism without being mad about it since I can't seem to word it.):twistnerd:

This is a very interesting story so far I wonder how this will go

“Worst thing was, I knew Dash was embarrassed by the crew of dweebs she had taken up with," Gilda ranted on. “But after I pointed it out to her, she actually organized this lame party full of dumb pranks just to try to humiliate me in front of all of them!"

Okay no offense Gilda but you kind of embarrassed yourself they were just having fun if you didn't have to blow up like that and probably explain maybe it could have gone differently

Okay this is certainly an interesting situation so it looks like Trixie decided to stop at a town after her stunt back in Ponyville and being shown off by Twilight which that was Trixie's own fault well technically it was still snip and snail but anyway and it looks like one of the bartender ask Trixie to be friends with a griffin name glida it's a rocky start but it looks like they both have one little common with each other they all got embarrassed by Twilight and her friends and whatever she's up to it's not good

So it looks like there's a theory about the wishing stone is real the only question is the location which Trixie knows it but she needed help and she doesn't want to admit it but she asked Gilda if she helps ouch but unfortunately things are very difficult because now the Royal Guards are arresting Trixie for assault which this is not good for her so both Trixie and Gilda had to make their escape after getting away from the guard they need to find a place to hide until they figure out where the location is and she knows a good place

“Th-thank y’all for savin' my skin,” the Earth pony said cautiously. “Name’s Braeburn.”

I can't believe I didn't notice when they said the Apple for Cutie Mark is Braeburn wow 😅

Hmm so it looks like Trixie and Gilda got them self it to a cult that Trixie actually was in it a long time ago with a friend name void and it looks like they're not alone there was another Pony an earth pony name Braeburn got himself caught as well but with all the the chaos and never say they got them self out of there and apparently he's going to be joining with Gilda and Trixie so their Journey even though he has lack of trust of them this is a very odd team but I like it I wonder how this will go

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