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I'm Considering Printing Nightshine into a Book · 6:08am Dec 11th, 2023

I need to know some things first and I need your input.

There has to be enough interest in this project for me to start it. Based off of the comments on this blog post, I'll make a decision later in the week and let you know either way.

Just like both of my previous printings, this version will be line-edited and improved, with new scenes and even possibly new chapters exclusive to the book. It'd have a fresh cover, be hardback, and formatted properly. It would easily take me a month or more just to accomplish that. The new art for the book might take longer than that.

So with all that being said, would you be interested in purchasing a copy of Nightshine 2.0? Prices would be $50 shipped in the USA and $80 shipped internationally. Tentative shipping date, if I decided to do this, would be late January 2024 to February 2024.

Obligatory Nightshine pic:


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There's never a time where I wouldn't buy a pony book.

I would buy it immediately!

That does sound lovely! The only problem that I can think of is the fact that, while a lot of the characters are OCs, Hasbro probably won't take kindly the usage of Equestria and the few OG character like Twilight, Luna and Spike.

I would buy it as soon as possible, I always did like to collect Unique books

There are already a lot of extremely popular fan bindings of big mlp fics.

I'd be curious to know what company/who you'd have printing and binding before I think about purchasing.

Comment posted by Eeveeandmudkiplover deleted Dec 11th, 2023

Even though money is tight, I would love to have this one.

I'd buy myself a copy of your story. :heart:

I'd certainly grab a copy

I'd have to turn in my bookworm license if I said no:twilightsmile:

So in other words

$80 sold ! Even if it costs more I will take a copy.

I am very much interested! Please do this!

I'll pay up front.

Comment posted by Caladis deleted Dec 12th, 2023

I'm trying to publish a book right now myself but paperback is the only option I'm seeing for self publishing. Which service are you using that offers hardback and what software are you using to make cover art and pony pics?


Ponyfeather Publishing has a great guide on how to publish, and all of their books are available print-on-demand through Lulu.com. They offer pretty good quality at $15-30 per hardcover, depending on length.

Yes please! Got a confirmed sale here

I would absolutely pick up a copy myself!

Iā€™d absolutely add it to my collection!

As a longtime fan of your work, and an avid collector of Fimfiction prints, It'd be totally awesome if you made this into a book!

Sorry, but no. I would not buy the book for $80 (ā‚¬73,29). I am not sure if that includes import costs (around ā‚¬15 extra).

I have to admit I be interested in paying. And I live in America so no issue


yes please

Late to the game, but yes please.

Super late but Id be interested if the run is still open

I'd buy a copy for sure!

I understand it's expensive when things are shipped outside your home county. This is the reason why I can't afford to buy books from Ministry of Image. Those shipping costs to the US are expensive. Sadly that's just the way things are.

Are you sure? After a long break, I felt that your hasty ending and the conflicting plot didn't seem to fit.

I am still very interested in purchasing a book.

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