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Tempo Boost Story Poll #10 (September 2023) · 9:49pm September 5th

My aforementioned tooth problems have delayed this a little, but here is now the new Tempo Boost Story Poll on my Patreon! Like in previous months, you can vote for one of my multi-chapter stories to receive an update before the month's end.
Here's how it works:

Every month, you can vote which of my currently incomplete multi-chapter stories gets continued next. Each poll runs from the 1st to the early morning hours on the 16th and ends exactly at 4 AM EST/EDT. The stories you can choose from may vary each month, to account for special release plans or cases of writer's block.

Currently, these six stories are available for voting which one should be updated next:

Dreamwalker Dash

Letters to Cozy Glow

A Storm on the Horizon of the Arcane World

Reformation from the Heart

Liza Doolots and the Candy Factory

Sunny Starscout & Izzy Moonbow: Serial Killers

A new chapter for the winning story will be written once the poll result is finalized and released before the end of the month.

To participate in the poll, pledge to my Patreon and choose the 5€ (5.13$) reward tier.

If you decide to pledge and participate in the poll, happy voting! :scootangel:

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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