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A great holiday... until the crash · 6:22pm June 20th

First up, everyone is physically okay. I'm not going to go into great detail here, but suffice it to say that while in Scotland with various family members, the car I was in (driven by my dad) was hit by the back corner of a lorry. That car is a write-off. While insurance will make a payment, it obviously won't be what the undamaged car was worth. As such, it's going to be a struggle for my parents. I will help where I can, but I also have little to spare* and so I think for the foreseeable future my spending is going to be extremely constrained. I'm lucky that my local ponymeets are very close by and so I'll still be able to see friends there, but for the most part that may be my limit this year. Shit happens, I guess.

* I really must stress that I am not in danger of missing out on essentials. Food, shelter etc are not at risk. I get free prescriptions anyway since I'm diabetic. (My parents are not going to go short of essentials either.)

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If nothing else, glad to hear everyone came out of this physically okay. Let us know how/if we can help.

Thank you! I mean, if you happen to know any billionaires who really, really don't know what to do with all those gold bars cluttering up their Swiss bank accounts* then I'm sure I could think of something! But more seriously, kind words mean a lot right now. I really appreciate that. :twilightsmile:

* Unless they're actually Toblerone bars in disguise...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad to hear everyone is okay, though probably quite shaken up. Are you sure we can't help in some way? I know nobody here is rubbing shoulders with Elon, but this community is often good at coming together when folks need it.

I'd say I hoped everyone was okay, but you already covered that. Shame about the car, and I hope you're able to come up with something there.

And, of course, some other part of my brain just started wondering how many people online I know in Scotland...

--Sweetie Belle


I know nobody here is rubbing shoulders with Elon

Honestly, I'm kind of relieved about that! But seriously, there have been people in this community needing urgent help due to being kicked out of their houses, or even in fear of their lives. My (more accurately, my parents') predicament is not in the same universe as those. I really feel for them as they'd stretched to buy a nice car just over a year ago and hoped it would see out their driving careers since they're in their seventies now. But they will be able to get a replacement, just not as good a one. I mean sure, if someone was a secret billionaire in this fandom and insisted on helping, I don't imagine that would be turned down. But this isn't an "activate the fandom!" situation, honestly. And thank you.

Thank you. As I said to FOME, kind words mean a lot right now.

Entirely fair! I think it's just the nature of this fandom that when we see someone struggling to want to help n_n

It's one of its best features, indeed. Now, Elon, about that $100 million cheque... :rainbowwild:

No problem. I can't get you a car, but I can do one of the things I do best!

Post random youtube videos. :unsuresweetie:

--Sweetie Belle

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