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This story is a sequel to My Dearest Fluttershy

A companion story/sequel thing to My Dearest Fluttershy

After Fluttershy accepts Rainbow Dash's confession, she finds a note dropped on the ground by Rainbow herself.

The collection of insecurities and lies inside cause her to spring into action.

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Now has a companion story! With All My Heart, Fluttershy

"'My Dearest Fluttershy...?' ... naw, too cheesy...
'Dear Fluttershy...?' ... too formal...
'My Beautiful Butterfly...?" ... Waaaaay too lame. I... might need some help."

When you're not a romantic and you're too prideful to say it to their face, sometimes you need a little help to write "I love you."

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(Put on hiatus because I realized that working on this story would remove my focus from Prelude and Encore, and that would reduce the quality more then it has dropped already.)

Tragedy strikes, leaving five of the mane six in emotional shambles.

Without her antics... without her smile...

Is life even worth it?

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Six months before the wedding of Cadence and Shining Armor, Spike meets the queen by chance. Taken aback by her quirks, Spike tries his best to become friends with her, to some success.
However, all things, good or bad, must come to an end, and Chrysalis's eventual actions at the wedding make that clear.

Spike has, in his hands, the ability to redeem this seemingly evil queen. Because... maybe she isn't as evil as everyone thought.

(Reluctantly toting the OC tag because of Chrysalis's disguise, and because of the fact that there will eventually be a true OC designed to help push the story along. AKA I didn't write the story around the OC, I wrote the OC around the story. I'm really paranoid about this pushing away potential readers, if you can't tell. ^^;)

(Character list have been further adjusted to mark what the story will become. The majority and focus of the story is the "encore", and, while it will have a "slice of life" feel, there will be important consequences to the actions taken; hence, it is an adventure.)

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