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The picture from the cover inspired me to this story. And this morning, I wrote it down. I don't have an Editor and that means there will be grammatic errors. I just hope they are not so big to destroy the story totally...

Twilight has to go to the Crystal Empire to help Cadance with her Baby Shower! But she can't just leave the library alone and Spike is coming with her. But Rainbow Dash has time and as the loyal friend she is, keeps an eye on everything. Twilight warned her to NOT go in the basement. But Rainbow, the Daredevil she is, can of course not resist...

The Magical Baby Carriage

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This story is a teamwork from Night Mist and myself. The Story plays in an alternative Universe from Super Stallion's "Foal adventures"

The cover art comes from StarGazer and can be found here: Family Portrait

I have the permission from Night Mist, Super Stallion and Crystal Shard to use their OC's and Universe.

Chapters (5)
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