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Coco Pommel is a fashion designer struggling to make ends meet. Trixie Lulamoon with a half-baked plan to put on the greatest show in Equestria. The latter gets the former involved in her scheme. Hijinks and romance ensue.

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Somewhere in the centuries between Luna's banishment and her return, Princess Celestia observes her yearly Nightmare Night tradition.

Cover art by IamtehPILOT

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The newly crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle has set up a bold new initiative to discover new magic, and is sending out an open call to the unicorns of Equestria to apply for her research team. No experience in magical theory or research necessary. Enthusiasm and out-of-the-box thinking a must. The Equestrian government is not responsible for any physical, emotional, or magical trauma experienced during the course of the project or the application process.

Cover art by Page Turner

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The Cake twins are on a mission to get their Cutie Marks, and they're out to get the help of some of the coolest ponies in Ponyville. Unfortunately, they also have to deal with the antics of the lamest pony in Ponyville. It's hard to imagine a pony less cool than the party-obsessed pony whose only ambition in life is to someday take over their parents' bakery.

But as when they unexpectedly run into some very famous ponies and learn a bit about their town's history, they learn that there might be more to their old foalsitter than meets the eye.

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