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Coco Pommel is a fashion designer struggling to make ends meet. Trixie Lulamoon with a half-baked plan to put on the greatest show in Equestria. The latter gets the former involved in her scheme. Hijinks and romance ensue.

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The start of season five was the deadline I gave myself to start putting this up, so here it is. Weekly updates, hopefully.

It's off to an engaging start, yes. This story really captivated me, and I want to see where it's going.

I quite like how you're depicting the characters. Trixie as the intense artiste with a no-nonsense attitude (at least in terms of mundane issues, as she's all straight-forward "You're good, I'm hiring you, money is no object") and more concerned with her dreams than worldly matters, Coco as the more grounded one, hoping to realize her own dream but still keeping to her senses. It's done well, and you're refreshingly free of adding uncalled-for preconceptions. It's a very fresh take.

Of course, I also like it because one of my own stories had them as friends due to a chemistry similar to what you're presenting here, and there's some welcome recognition.

Either or, I'm following this. :twilightsmile:

Happy to see you posting a new story man. I'll have to give a read tonight.

This sounds interesting. Added to read later.

Very cool concept. I'm all for it.

Coco's a little muted, like a lesser version of Fluttershy, but then again it's hard to rise up against the personality of Trixie. Looking forward to how these two will interact going forward.

Seems we'll be getting some adventure on the way to Canterlot. Looking forward to it!

Well, this seems intriguing. Coco's definitely out of her depth, and Trixie's gone off the deep end. I look forward to more.

Trixie is in that beginner's phase of writing. She needs to get past that dreaded "Mary Sue Insert" that plagues so many.

Looking good!

Well, between the two of them, they have a healthy amount of ego for two ponies. If Trixie can swallow her pride and Coco can regurgitate hers, this may actually work.

I like where this is going. Trixie's got her head among the stars, so she'll need somepony to keep her grounded. And Coco might just be the mare for the job, if she can pull herself up like she does.

Hmm. Only a few reports, then total silence. Gee, it's almost like they don't want to rain buggy doom on the ponies' filthy, doomed heads or something. Though given who he's spending time with, Zaprax may not be so sympathetic.

Definitely looking forward to seeing the latest version of the play. I'm sure it will be impressive, though likely not for the reasons Trixie wants.

Zaprax may just put the dagger in his own throat by the time he's done dealing with Trixie.

Heh, wonder what wonders Trixie has coxed up now. With a literal ventriloquist in her troupe now, it'll be interesting to see how she uses him.

Best line this chapter:

Who knew that being a spy would involve spinning such an elaborate web of lies?

My reaction:

Taking bets on whether or not Zaprax will get exposed as a bug by shapeshifting instead of changing costumes, and Coco spots the difference... or that Trixie falls in love with him like an idiot, :trixieshiftright:

Having a Changeling infiltrator as part of your act could either pay off big time or ruin you completely. Either way I'm looking forward to more.

Clearly, every infiltrator must have suffered an utterly unimaginable fate among the ponies.


WouldnĀ“t be funny if it turns out Cadence is recruiting changeling defectors, convincing them she is a better "queen" than Chrysalis (not a difficult task, mind you)?

6007260 Oh, I'm so adding that to my list of story ideas. :pinkiehappy:

You know, for all the stories that I'll likely get to see completed due to the nature of fanfiction in the first place, I have to say that this one is oddly in the top 5. It's strange because I haven't touched this story in years and barely remember what it even is about nor do I wish to ever open this story again due to not being willing to subject myself to that bitter disappointment that comes with the knowledge that something is finished and done with, especially since this story appears to have to come to an ignoble end; however, I can't help but wonder all these years later just how this story would have gone. I mean, the story was wonderful and fun and appeared to be setting up a very delightful and hilarious tale from the little that I do remember. Maybe this story stands out so starkly in my mind because it stands as the only story to my knowledge that ever attempted this pairing and I do love the novelty of such a pairing and, even further, it stands as one of the few stories that even has these two characters interact in the first place.
I find, that at this point, that I'm probably rambling and getting off point of whatever asinine point I was attempted to make in the first place. I guess what I am trying to say is: Thank you. Thank you, whoever you are. Even if you never finish this story, even if you never read this comment, even if you are no longer here on this Earth, Thank you. Thank you for writing this story and thank you for giving a younger me a diversion even if it never came to completion.

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