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Fair warning, many of my stories are self inserts. Second half of http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Warfire+Writing+Studios

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When a mare in the town of Tenpony Tower comes across a book about an old holiday that was far beyond Pre-War Equestria she decides to do a little something special for her daughter. How well will it go?

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Nightfire lies on a lakeside beach while pondering his lingering emotions while a lone creature interrupts his thoughts.

No real description just a story to get me out of my funk.

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During the tornado incident at Wonderbolts Academy, Rainbow Dash just barely managed to save her friends, but was sucked into the out-of-control tornado and disappeared. Many search parties were sent out but found no trace of her, as a result she was declared MIA...

Five Years Later...

Scootaloo has recently been accepted into the Wonderbolts Academy, hoping to follow in the footsteps of her idol. However during her first mission, her team is attacked by a group of Pegasi belonging to a large mercenary group called the Shadowbolts, and the leader of this team is none other than her idol; Rainbow Dash!

Scootaloo tries to convince her old idol to come back to her friends, however she outright declines, saying that it's too late for her. Scootaloo and her group just barely escape the attack and upon reporting back to their commander, Rainbow Dash is declared a fugitive.

However, has her idol really gone rogue? Or is there something more to the story?

(I don't own the artwork, that and the characters used in this story belong to Hasbro and their creators)

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When Princess Luna comes to the library to find a book that she had had placed there a long time before Twilight moved in, she asks Twilight to come to Canterlot to discuss why she came looking for the book.

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