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Rewrite · 4:56am Sep 3rd, 2020

So... after doing some rereading on my Fallout Equestria story, I’m going to be completely rewriting the prologue. Thanks to hearing some feedback from a few friends of mine they’ve given me a number of better ways for it to be done so it won’t be so... well, for lack of better words, bad.

I’ll be the first to admit that it wasn’t as bad as I could’ve made it. So I think it’s fair to give it the care it deserves.

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Searching... [Found] · 8:20am Jul 14th, 2020

So I know these posts are common, but I’m looking for a story that I can’t seem to find anymore. I recall an interesting bit where Celestia shows Twilight that under the royal chest piece that she wears she has a collar that was around her neck and that Luna had one just like it under hers as well. I just can’t seem to recall the story name or the author.

Thanks for any help you can give.


Kinda feel like giving up... · 7:32am Nov 16th, 2019

Yeah... the title really says it all. My depression has been getting the best of me lately and many projects that I started happily now only stare at me and intimidate me. Writing on any of them has been a struggle and even when I feel they’re ‘finished’ I end up erasing the whole thing to start again.

I want to say that maybe it’ll change, maybe it’ll be alright, but in reality I’m not sure anymore...

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Stories · 3:52am Apr 13th, 2019

So, since I've had a serious lack of inspiration, I’d like to ask you all here which stories you’d like to see reworked or perhaps just deleted entirely. Been considering this for a while, would like some thoughts. Thanks.

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Happy New Year · 6:01am Jan 1st, 2019

Happy new year everypony!

So on to things, one I’m currently working on notes to my Fallout Equestria story first and figuring things out as I write. Working on chapter seven now and it’s at about 10,000 words or so. Other stories are being worked on the side with it so I can keep creativity going. Might do a few more shorter stories so I don’t appear dead here.

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Kind of an update on things · 8:51pm Jun 13th, 2017

So... because I've been feeling down lately I decided to take it upon myself to write a short story that kind of touches upon where my minds been for a little while.

Yes, the story itself will be kind of dark for my normal writing but I just feel that maybe it'll help me get my head straight. Figure out what I'm exactly feeling and maybe help me better understand my own thoughts.

Plan on working on it later today or tomorrow so be on the lookout for it.

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Birthday · 10:31am Feb 21st, 2017

Well today's my birthday. Not really sure at all what I'm going to do but hopefully I can think of something.

Anyway, I also should have the next chapter of my Fallout Equestria story and Fallen Hero's within the next month hopefully.

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Hearths Warming + Updates · 5:54am Dec 26th, 2016

First happy holidays to all who have read, commented, liked or whatever on any of the stories I've written with my bf or by myself over this long year. It's all greatly appreciated and all of the support we have gotten is only gonna help us become better writers.

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Story searching... again + updates · 7:04am May 4th, 2016

I know I seem to put one of these up more often than I'd like but there is a certain story that I can't remember the name of and can't find it in my favorites list. The basis of the story is after Spike's rampage in Ponyville during season two, Twilight in an attempt to learn more about the dragons is sent by Celestia to the Dragon Riders of the west to study from them.

Thank you for the help.

Also an update or two on my writing while I'm here.

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New Years · 9:13am Dec 31st, 2015

First happy New Years Everypony!

This year has been a long one but I know that I've done my best to keep you entertained with my stories. Fallout Equestria Blackfire chapter 3 is already in the works and I have notes all the way up to chapter 8 written out.

The Alicorn Wars will also be getting more frequent updates since I found the inspiration to write on it once more.

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