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Twilight is almost used to being an alicorn now. She's accepted that unexpected change, and is even happy about it, most of the time. Her magical abilities have grown by leaps and bounds, and she's starting to enjoy the freedom offered by flight. While she can't imagine ever being as good as Rainbow Dash, anypony with reasonable standards would by now consider her quite competent in the air.

But despite her growing enthusiasm and confidence, there's something that she has neglected to deal with. Something that's bothered her at times ever since the transformation, but kept getting shuffled down her list of priorities. Fortunately, she knows just the pony to talk to for help, and she won't let nervousness and self-reliant rationalization hold her back anymore. The latest of Pinkie Pie's parties provides a perfect pretext for a conversation she should've had months ago.

If you're confused by the date listed on the chapter, that's just when I originally uploaded it for pre-reader viewing. Life got in the way and I didn't get around to hitting Submit until Feb. 7, 2016.

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If Equestria was real, would it be anything like the cartoon? When a creature resembling Twilight Sparkle appears in the middle of the Big Apple, one man gets the chance to learn the truth behind the fiction - and to help change the world.

But even though many people would welcome the magic and knowledge that this powerful being offers, others fear it. Dramatic change can bring massive upheaval to society, upsetting the balance of power, and many of the 'powers that be' would prefer to maintain their comfortable status quo at any cost.

How much does this visitor, and her home, have in common with the imaginary characters and world we've seen on the television screen? Can she and her new friend survive in the Big Apple, avoid those who would silence them, and convince those who might help them? How will the Big Apple, and the world as we know it, be changed by her arrival?

This is my first 'published' fan-fiction, so please do rate and comment. I'd love to know what I'm doing well and what I could stand to work on.

This story grew out of a single scene that sprang to mind while I was struggling with another story, one which I intend to complete with as much polish as I can before submitting. I was having a bit of writer's block on an important scene and took a break to write the ideas down, and ended up expanding on them more than I'd expected. So now I'm working on this as well. This one isn't my highest priority, though, so updates to it may be rather infrequent.

Regarding the 'sex' tag: One chapter contains non-graphic descriptions of nudity and reactions to it. It's primarily situation-based humor. This isn't really a romance/shipping story, but it seems my muse missed that left turn at Albuquerque and is trying to slip in some such elements for humor purposes.
Cover image from Wikimedia Commons under CC BY 3.0 license: original photo by Jean-Christophe BENOIST
I'm open to suggestions for a replacement, this was hastily chosen to avoid lack of cover art. Artless stories are sad stories. Don't let your stories be sad.

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