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Every single individual has one true wish.
A purpose in life, a reason to exist.
Some never find it, some don't even care about. The few ones who discover their true wish seek its fulfillment with everything they've got.
Now what would happen if you actually know your one true wish but at the same time you realize that it is absolutely impossible to fulfill?

And what if a fairly well known deity of chaos offers an opportunity to you?

Special thanks for the very beautiful Cover Image go to Radiant Eclipse

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Who or what is Nightmare Moon?
Never thought of her being an Identity on her own?
This story tells how a little Unicorn with a well known talent faces a world of hatred and racism, a world where the ponies suffer from the aftermath of Discord's reign.

This is the first Fanfiction I wrote in English.
So if you notice some grammatical mistakes, feel free to comment on them.

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The small pony Peppermint Breeze, which barely reached adulthood, has to face some serious problems concerning herself.
Due to her major lack of self-confidence and friends she became an easy target for manipulations...just for letting her heart's desire come true.
And only this fact will send her on a journey far away from home, when she happens to be at the wrong time at the wrong place.

But see for yourself, how this pony faces her problems and fulfils her heart's desire...and what will happen after all.

This Story originally has been written in german.
Special Thanks go to:
Roxas117: Translator (For Contact: R.Rubert@gmx.net)
and Radiant Eclipse: Pre-Reader

Chapters (1)