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A serious Question concerning future chapters · 3:08pm Oct 27th, 2015

After Chapter 23 of One winged Angel Moon_Fire and I wrote a huge chunk of events together with another author which hasn't published his story as of now. In these chapters will be a massive amount of emotional turmoil for Sephiroth and that is the whole problem why I write this post.

I see myself unable to rewrite everything to fit Sephiroth's PoV, cause it drags me down into depression every time I so much as think about doing it.

So I have to pose this question to you, my readers.

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I'm not dead · 7:43am May 16th, 2015

Hey everypony,

well this is kind of embarrassing. The next chapter of One winged Angel is done.
Actually has been for a whole week now.
For some reason my editor does not answer my attempts of communication.

So everything that stands in the way of publishing the new chapter for you to read is that it has not been edited.

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Marked Mare-Magnet as Completed · 3:38pm Oct 13th, 2014

Hello guys,

After thinking a long time about how I want to continue the story of Amber, I came to the conclusion, that I will end it here.
I'm not cancelling the story because I think it's in a state where I can say that it is completed.

Now you may think something like "But wait. There is no explanation at all why Amber has this effects on mares." or "You never did some real character building. Just gave glimpses of her past" and "Are you bucking kidding me?!"

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In need of a translator · 11:54am Mar 11th, 2013

As you surely noticed I set Peppermint Breeze On Hiatus.

The Story itself is already completed, but only in german.
So If anyone of you is able to proper translate this story into the english, please feel free to write me.

I would really appreciate some help here, because I'm pretty lame if it comes to translating

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