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This story is a sequel to Lunar Slender

After 3 years, Jade Ring is ready to film "Lunar Slender" and wrap up his Slender Mane Trilogy for good. He has the cast ready and willing to film the scenes. His mane cast is eager and Slendy seems to be behaving himself, especially after the chaos that ensued during last year's filming. Surely this year will go smoother then last year...

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Pinkie Pie's night takes an interesting turn when a tall faceless pony appears randomly in her bedroom. Excited by the idea of a new friend Pinkie is bouncing up and down asking him questions about his life and talents. Little does she know that this Slender Mane, a pony older then time who came to ponynap her and take her away. Armed with the power of laughter these two are in for an interesting night.

Special thanks to Jade Ring for helping me with editing and for helping me to discover the Slender One in the first place.

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