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Konnichiwa, I'm the River Tengu, I've been writing MLP fanfics since 2014,I wrote them only in Italian, now I'm translating them into English.

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This fanfic is set after the coronation of Twilight.
Twilight is advised to take a vacation and decides to visit her friend Somnambula.
The Equigyptian pegasus will tell her a very particular story, starting with the fact that she was not born in Equestria and she will tell Twilight about a heroine pegasus that only her village knows and that she has had the opportunity to know and be best friend of hers.
To appreciate the history one must take a trip to Zebrafrica in ancient Equigypt.
This fanfic is part of my Dragonheart Pegasi Chronicles.
The languages featured in the fanfic are mainly Arabic, Swahili and Zulu and later in the story also various African languages such as Amharic, Oromo, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.

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This is a sequel to Kristall Sno, but you don't need to have read her story to appreciate it, however in order to empathize you need to have read the story of Stella the Anguana.
In this story which is part of my Chronicles of the Dragonheart Pegasi, we take a leap into the Middle Ages, where we will meet a filly who, as she grows older, will become fantastic for having lived in that era.
The language used is German.

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Pinkie Pie overflows with joy when one morning she receives the letter from Choco Gianduia, an Ithaylian party pegasus that she met in Flowerence as a filly and that after so many years finally comes to visit her in Ponyville, Pinkie Pie can't wait to introduce her to her friends.
Upon arrival Pinkie is happy as never before in her life, at first the pegasus seems nice and very cultured, but her language and her strong personality are often misunderstood, Mane 6 will be able to learn every aspect of the Flowerentine mare?

This fanfiction was written in 2015 so there will be a mention of the Expo.
The story is finished, now I just have to translate it into English and adapt it to the site
The language used is Italian

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On a field trip to Everfree, Twilight plans to relax with her friends, but very soon she learns of a troubled old love story in which she takes a particular interest. She will also meet a disabled boy with whom she will talk and who will change the way she sees one of her friends trying to put an end to a past mistake.
A ThunderDash fanfic I wrote for an Italian contest on the Italian forum.

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We're all familiar with the heroes of Equestria, but there's another continent that had its own heroes in other eras. In ancient Europe there were female pegasus heroines, at various points in the history of ponies, and there is a Creature in Ithayly who will explain a little about their characteristics.
this creature is called Stella and she will show us the description of these heroines. We will get to know the Anguane in the world of MLP.

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This fanfiction is set in the world of Equestria girls and after Equestria Girls: Friendship games.
Rainbow Dash buys a strange magic amulet, and soon discovers she now has five wishes.
But there are always side effects, and when she makes the wrong wish, Rainbow will discover that means for her.
A Thunderlane x Rainbow Dash fanfic or ThunderDash fanfic

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In a small village in Horsweden, a father is about to return home after a battle, his daughter is about to be born, a special filly for her time.
This is the sequel to Stella The Anguana, and it's part of my saga The Chronicles of the Dragonheart Pegasi.
The language used is Swedish

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