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Returning from their honeymoon, Shining Armor and Cadence have organized a get-together in Canterlot for their friends and loved ones. Twilight and the other elements are all invited, and the invitations mention that Princess Cadence has a special announcement!

If only they had known that this announcement would turn their world upside down.

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As a young filly, Fluttershy had trouble fitting in. She's far too timid to make friends in school, and at home she slowly finds her solace and optimism crushed by her cruel drunkard of a father. Her parents argue every night, and her father has threatened to walk out many times in the past. Fluttershy wants nothing more than for her parents to stay together and be happy, but where does a filly turn to when bitterness and conflict are all around her?

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She has no name, no past, and no memories. Day in and day out, she has existed in a small cell. It's all she's ever known. On the surface, she's comfortable with her routine life. But there are questions lingering in her mind. Who is she? Was there ever anything else? Did something happen to her?

When she gets an unexpected visit from a purple unicorn, her world is quickly turned upside down. Is ignorance really bliss?


This is my first MLP: FIM fanfic! I hope y'all enjoy reading it.

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