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I'll fill this out later. Hi though!


Pokey is back! · 2:30pm Feb 1st, 2013

Hey everyone!

Some of you might be wondering where the hay I've been, or why my stories haven't updated lately. I took a (long) break from writing to focus on some other stuff, but I'm back now, and hopefully back to writing stories on a regular basis. I can feel my imagination revving up, so y'all should be seeing some updates pretty soon!

~ Pokey

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Where I tell you stuff. · 12:23pm Oct 4th, 2012

Okay, progress update!

I've almost got the draft for the final chapter of Four Walls done, so y'all shouldn't have to wait much longer for that. After the Honeymoon is going much better than I expected, and I now have a clear plan for the plot.

I'll also be starting a new fic very soon. It's based around the Equestrian Industrial Revolution, and some other stuff I don't want to spoil. As always, it'll be multi-chapter stuff.

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Progress Update · 10:44am Sep 21st, 2012

Just a progress update. The next chapter of After the Honeymoon is mostly written, I just need to finish up a few bits and run it through editing. Hopefully it'll be up in a few days.

I've had a small case of writer's block, but I'm easing out of it now. I've got a good idea of where I'm taking the story now, and I'm sure that you're all going to love it.

Also, why don't you visit my page and have a look at my other stories?

Thanks guys!

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Feature box! · 6:46pm Sep 12th, 2012

Happened when I updated it! I'm sooo happy. It was only up there for five minutes, but yay anyway. Thanks so much for all the upvotes, comments, and support everypony! It means a lot!

I wonder if it will get up there again when I post the next chapter?

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Third story! · 5:43pm Aug 23rd, 2012

I've got three stories up now. I'm churning them out much faster than I thought I would. My latest one is still awaiting approval, but it should be up fairly soon.

Once Four Walls is finished (two more chapters), I'm going to start on my next big story idea. It'll be an Octavia + Vinyl series, and I've got some big ideas for it.

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Where's the love for Blossomforth?? · 7:11am Aug 11th, 2012

If you don't know who Blossomforth is, shame on you. Why is it that Thunderlane, Flitter and cloudchaser, and even Rumble get a character tag but Blossom doesn't?!

This is a petition for the cutest pegasus to get her character tag. Add a comment if you support!

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First blog. · 5:08am Jul 29th, 2012

Hiya! This is my first blog post, so... hi. I have a few fics in the works, so if there's nothing listed yet, there will be soon.

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