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Ask Twiny Sparkle (1000 likes Celebration) · 9:41pm Jun 27th, 2014

In this blog I asked you all to vote how to Celebrate 1000 likes, over 1000 faves and over 1000 comments on Celestia's Tiny Student http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/343248/1000-likes-thank-you-all#comment/2239334

Since so far two ideas draw when it comes to votes, lets Celebrate here:

2) Ask Twiny.
Basically you can ask questions and Twiny will try to answer the best she can.

3) What happen if...?

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Group - Twinyverse · 9:01pm Jun 17th, 2014

The sequel "Ponyville's Tiny Librarian" release is closing by, and to celebrate, I created a group called Twinyverse to make it easier to track all stories and sidestories about our strong and cute tiny Twilight.
It is also created to inspire every author who would like to try and write a side-story that take place in "Celestia's Tiny Student," or "Ponyville's Tiny Librarian."

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What "Celestia's Tiny Student" sidestory you would love to read? (Part2) · 10:27am May 5th, 2014

I know that I said I will wait at least few days for the voting to end, but time is candy, and since two story ideas got ahead of the rest of them, I decided to organize another voting.

Now, do not get me wrong. The previous voting is still going on: Link - http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/319053/what-celestias-tiny-student-sidestory-you-would-love-to-read

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What "Celestia's Tiny Student" sidestory you would love to read? · 5:54pm May 4th, 2014

As the title suggest. I wish to ask you all what sidestory that take place in “Celestia’s Tiny Student” universe you would like to read.

The situation is simple. My top editor who is working on the sequel have a lot of exams on his head and this delay the release. So while I wait for him to find time and finish the job, I would like to entertain you with a sidestory in the meantime.

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"Celestia's Tiny Student" headcanon · 2:33am Feb 9th, 2014

Hello everyone. For those of you who after reading "Celestia's Tiny Student," are still confused because exposition in the story was not good enough, or are curious about stuff like: how strong Twiny is, what is Twilight's age, how strong Celestia or Nightmare Moon is, in what timeline Nightmare Moon's incident happened, or Celestia and Luna assented before facing Discord and so on, I will try to answer it all here. (Also, apologise for bad grammar, I wrote this blog late at night and I am too

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Twiny - Art Section ( Full Galery ) · 8:40pm Jan 12th, 2014

Hello everyone.

Considering that the final update to the story "Celestia's Tiny Student" is coming up very soon ( story what I will try to upload on Equestira Daily, though I expect it will be hard ) and I am unsure for how long I and my editors will edit the sequel. I decided to upload every single tiny Twilight art I found on deviant art for you to enjoy.

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