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Sir Wallace, a knight of honor, valor and adventure. A man who has traveled across the eleven human kingdoms, who has seen all the world has to offer, from the dragons who rule the skies, to the dwarven holds that reach the very heart of his world. A human who could handle anything his world could throw at him...
...is not in his world any more.
Follow him, and his squire, as they travel across Equestria in their quest to return home.


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“Pure Chaos? Now there’s a joke if ever I heard one. No no no listen. I am the unexpected. I am disharmony. I am that one piece of spaghetti that refuses to stay on the fork. I am, and always will be, Discord. Oh, it's true that I may enjoy chaos... Oh, who am I kidding? I love the stuff. But I am not chaos itself. What you see before you, however... Now that is pure chaos"

If you think this is just your average HIE then think again. With only the thoughts of getting back home our lost human will have to get to grips with the world around her, just as the world struggles with getting to grips with her.

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