• Published 13th Jul 2012
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Impressions - Lusewing

When all you want to do is to get back to where you belong it is easy to make mistakes.

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Consumed by chaos

The stars shone brightly in the night sky to make up for the new moon's dark form. However, no matter how tightly the shadows cloaked Canterlot, the capital city still gleamed brightly. Scattered windows glowed with the flicker of candlelight from ponies still awake, but those slowly blinked out as the night progressed. Princess Luna watched from the observation balcony as her night grew longer. Something was not right; something was out of place. Narrowing her eyes, she scanned the stars. There, that was it. With her horn glowing as bright as the stars about her, Luna shifted three of the lights over to the right slightly and rearranged them to fit in their new position. "Much better," she thought to herself. The night of the new moon was her chance to give the stars a tidy up, to make sure none had strayed too far off course, as well as to try out a couple of new arrangements. Unfortunately, changes meant she had to deal with the backlash from the astrological sociality. Those dusty old ponies seem to think that the stars should remain in the same configuration every night, simply because that was how they had been left when she had...when it was how they had been for such a long time.

"Let them moan," thought Luna with a smile, as she shifted the stars that had been called Orion for much too long. This was her sky until the morrow, and she would craft it as she saw fit.

As the dark one played with light, the light one sought out the darkness, and only in the royal gardens did true darkness live. No lights lit the way for the pale Princess as she walked through the greenery that was now nothing more then darker shapes within the night. Grey forms, just a shade darker then her own hide in this light, stood out sharply against the night sky, blocking out her sister's stars. Celestia noticed a few of her sister's children had shifted, so stopped to admire the view the position granted her. With no lights to compete with, the sky was truly at its most magnificent. As much as Luna might envy all the colours and light of her own day and Sun brought with them, Celestia envied the artistic flare that she herself would never be able to compare with.

Practised steps lead the eldest of the two ruling sisters to the one statue in the garden that did not hold the form of a pony and the only statue that was more then just stone. Discord. Even his form was chaotic and had no rhyme nor reason to it - simply different parts of animals stitched together with no effort to blend them, no attempt to harmonise them. The garden lay still all around Celestia; nopony had seen her enter the sanctuary and none saw her lower herself to lay beneath the spirit of everything she tried to fight against. Closing her eyes, she exhaled and let her mind drift as her body remained as still as the statue above her.

"Another new moon. You know it gets boring when you are so predictable." The male voice snatched at the wisp of thoughts and drew her in close, just as a fisherman would draw in his net. "Tell you what," Discord said, clapping his mismatched hands together. "Let's play in your mind this time, instead. I am sorry to say I have just not had time to clean up - the place is simply a mess at the moment." To emphasise the fact, the Draconequus clicked his fingers, and was now wearing a black and white, laced French maid's outfit - complete with an ostrich feather duster which he used to 'dust' the top of the swirling green and teal, pink and purple mass - the only issue being that the duster was piling dust onto the wisp, rather than off. Slowly, the coloured light moved and formed the shape of a white horse, though the spectral colours remained around her edges, as well as forming her more recognizable mane and tail. Celestia shot Discord a glare as she shook the dust off herself, to which Discord blushed with a single eagle claw at his lips.

"And you are getting predictable with that request, Discord." Aside from the spectral haze, Celestia looked more or less like herself. Her horn and wings, however, were missing.

"Moi - predictable?" Now losing the maid outfit, Discord was doing a back stroke in mid-air alongside Celestia. She walked through a field of orange and green polka dots that made fart noises with every step. "Such insults! Here I am offering my help night after night and what thanks do I get?" The drama queen dabbed at his eyes with a cooked chicken wing, while Celestia carried on walking, granting him barely a glance as she went.

"I can leave, if that is what you wish." Celestia now found herself walking up a flight of stairs, they curved round so she was eventually upside down - or maybe the pink sky had decided to try being the ground for a change.

"Oh, that's okay. I forgive you!" Discord's tone flipped once again to a friendly, happy note as he threw the chicken wing over his shoulder. It swam away into a cloud of green feathers. "You know, you could ask Luna to join us on our walks one night. I am sure she could spare time from her busy schedule; you certainly find time to visit your little pony friends." Celestia bit back a reply. "And, she is far less of a stick-in-the-mud then you are. Speaking of which..." Discord grabbed a long thick stick that was upright in a pile of purple mud. "Would you like one milady?" he asked, while floating past the mare's face, brandishing the stick as one would a bottle of wine.

"Not tonight, thank you." Celestia waved the Spirit away from her face as she stopped for a moment, looking at the large gap that now lay ahead of her, since the stairs had decided to stop. She had given up trying to work out if she was upside down, and instead decided to just think of her as self right side up.

"Suit yourself. I happen to know that this is an excellent brand of A-sharp" Discord took hold of a handful of the floating, multi-hued mane, and held it at one end of the stick while he puffed away at the other.

"You know you are completely mad, don't you?" Celestia stood and watched the Draconequus blow multicoloured musical notes out of his ears as he enjoyed his 'stick'.

"If I'm mad then what does that make you, Sol-solis-no-viscus? What do you call a something that seeks solace in madness?" A throne had formed from the notes that still exited Discord's ears, and he lazily leaned back in it with his legs crossed; his eagle clawed hand supported his head. Gone was the whimsy from his voice, and gone was the playful glint in his eyes. For the first time since entering his mind, Celestia had to fight back her fear.

"Please, Discord, I can't sleep. My heart aches for the freedom..."

Discord slammed his lion's paw down onto the throne, causing it to ripple out of shape before reforming, while his stick exploded into bubbling sludge that fell into the sky below them.

"And what of MY freedom! You come to me to plead and beg for your brief moments of oblivion, and what do I get out of it?" Discord's face was now a snarl as his hands gripped both arm rests crushing notes beneath. They screamed and hissed, before leaking a yellow fluid that formed itself into flies, that buzzed around the mare before them.

"You get a glimpse of the world outside your prison." Celestia tried to ignore the yellow flies that bit at her hide. They were not really there, but that didn't mean the pain was any less.

"Pah, a glimpse." The Spirit slumped back in his throne and crossed his arms in a sulk.

Celestia waited in silence for as long as she could stand the biting files before turning away.

"Fine. Have it your way, Discord." Making her way down the steps, the royal mare found the floor under her hooves was moving backward. She turned to face Discord - who had quickly outgrown his throne - and now had a head currently on par with a decent sized house.

"You win, Celestia - let's enjoy our sentences together." Snap! With the closing of his jaws Celestia was gone in a single bite.


A grey shape stirred beneath the statue of Equestria's former King, as it felt her Sun gently touch the horizon's edge. It burned there, softly awaiting her call, though she knew she still had a few moments before she needed to raise it. Stepping up from the ground, Celestia felt both lighter and renewed, like the air after a thunderstorm - and thunderstorm was about right from what she could remember of last night's encounter. Looking up in the dark, the pale mare tried to make out Discord's now ever-frightened face in the gloom, but all she could see was his outline.

"I am grateful for the peace you give me. I wish there was another way." Before Celestia could open her wings to fly towards the observation balcony and resume her duties, she saw a light burning its way towards her.
"Philomena, what has gotten you up so early?" Clutched in the phoenix's claws was a scroll, which she dropped down to the Princess, before landing on an outstretched foreleg and grooming her wing feathers. Celestia picked the scroll out of the air with her magic, and unfolded it carefully as she brought it closer to read.
"Why is it always Ponyville?"