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If you know spike, you'll know he see's some weird stuff day by day, but at the end of it all, no matter how impossible the events may seem, Spike has a sure-fire way to make everything feel normal again, and to relax after an irritating day of being forced to socialise: Getting High. Only problem with that is Spike often has trouble in his high state of mind and can't distinguish hallucinations from reality. So when he sees an attractive white and purple maned robot in the library and feels obligated to show it a good time, will anyone stand in his way?

Written for my group 30 Minutes to Write Challenges
Written in: 29 minutes and 32 seconds. (I had to write seriously fast to get it all in)
Edited in: 20 seconds (which consisted of a quick scroll through to check for auto-corrections)
Time left over: 8 seconds

Warning! Contains violent material, drug use, swearing, and references to rape.

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Discord's attack on Equestria was almost successful, mainly because of his knowledge of what was happening in Equestria, and knowledge of the Mane 6. But where did this knowledge come from after being frozen for a millenium? Did he come to know it as he awoke, or did somepony talk to him while in stone form? Find out what really happened after Twilight was turned to stone by a Cockatrice.

Attempt at a what could be considered canon fic to fill in the missing information. One shot, constructive criticism welcome, please enjoy.

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Fillies and Colts have been going missing in Ponyville, the only clue to their location, tracks leading to the Everfree Forest, and anypony who goes in looking for them, doesn't return. Scootaloo was the first victim to show up from the forest out of the blue, distraught and alone. When Twilight offers her assistance in finding the others, and the Slendermane starts hunting the pair, what will happen when they end up with only one option: Run for their lives trapped in the darkest, deepest, part of the Everfree forest.
(Based on the urban legend of the Slenderman, with subtle references to the popular indie game 'Slender')
Rated T for horror themes, violence, and peril.

[Proporly spaced and indented paragraphs in all chapters (No more giant walls of text)]
[Fluttershy added as a main character]
[Gore Tab added due to a descriptive blood and gore scene in Chapter 4] (If people have any problems with the teen rating and think I should bump up the level to mature, please comment so)

Completed 19/08/2012

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