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I'm still alive! i think? · 2:46am Sep 5th, 2013

With a few new followers of my story's i decided to make a quick update rather then leave you all in the dark.

Firstly. I am not bored or finished with either of my stories, far from it,. I want to continue to finish my stories as to not disappoint, but as of late I've approached several problems.

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Hey hey hey! Thanks for the fave on Roama Nova Innovatus, legatus! :twilightsmile:

284241 Hey, no problem! :twilightsmile:

284238 Dude don't worry, i feel bad for forgetting to do it :applecry: mind you i actually thought i had, but i fixed it now xD

Hey dude, thanks so much for the fav. :pinkiesmile:

232499 You've been reading it? Well, thanks! And good luck -- I hear that my story's one hell of a daunting challenge to read.

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