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After school boredom · 5:09am Dec 3rd, 2021

*Rainbow sighs as she looks up at the school entrance waiting for her boyfriend to come out but sadly he didn’t come due to an unfortunate event*

ugh come on! I can’t believe he has to spend 30 minutes after school because of what Pinkie and sunset we’re doing! This is so not fair they knew we had plans today

*Rainbow couldn’t help but growl and look at the time on her phone then growl some more as it only reads 10 minutes had passed Since school had ended*

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Keeping him home · 5:09am Nov 27th, 2021

Alright girls this is it

*fallout stopped at the entrance of the everfree forest and turned to his wife’s who decided to walk him there to spend more time with him*

I gotta get started on the job celestia wanted me to do for her I’ll see you all in a few hours

are you sure you have to do it now sweetheart? She did say it wasn’t important

yeah Ah understand wanting to get your work done and all but Ah was enjoying our cuddling in bed

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Late start · 4:20am Nov 25th, 2021

Shit shit shit! I’m so late Twilight is so not gonna be happy!

*Fallout mentally cursed himself as he ran down the empty halls of canterlot high towards his locker*

Ugh why did I have to sleep in!

*as he ran he passed a clock on the wall that read 8:20 making him run even faster and eventually to his locker which he opened with great speed*

Ok ok if I hurry I should be ok….I hope

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Having there moments · 5:31am Nov 21st, 2021

Ok look you two I know I said you can come a long with me for this hunt and all but I need to make sure you two know that you both have to so everything I say this monster were hunting is very dangerous

*fallout couldn’t help but look at his two wife’s with worry as they walked through the forest*

relax stud we know what to do we have done this before with you remember we’ll be fine as long as somepony keeps quiet this time

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Weekend plans · 5:59am Nov 20th, 2021

why can’t school be over with already i Wanna go home and relax with fallout

looks like someone is excited about there weekend plans with our boyfriend~

yeah what’s the plan for then weekend with him you can’t just stay home and cuddle while playing games

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Camping fun · 4:27am Nov 10th, 2021

And then the headless horse stomped on his-

Fallout Ah think that’s enough!

*Fallout quickly stops and looks at Applejack who doesn’t look too happy*

What’s up babe?

yeah why did you make him stop I love this part of the story!

it’s so Violent I’m glad you stopped him the poor girls are shaking

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Weekends · 4:22am Nov 5th, 2021

*Rainbow dash sighs as she relaxes in her bed thinking about the day ahead with excitement*

aw yeah! No sport stuff to do or work for the next two days! I can relax and-

* suddenly her phone begins to ring cutting her off and making her reach for it and see who’s calling*

it’s fallout!

*she quickly answers it*

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Helping her out · 4:58am Nov 3rd, 2021

*Fallout smiles as he shook the hoof of a shopkeeper *

Pleasure doing business with ya flint thanks for the deal

no problem! Your my best customer you deserve it

Your best huh? It seems like I’m your only one sometimes

oh you wound me fallout I know it’s hard to believe but-

*flint gets cut off as trixies voice was suddenly heard*

Fallout! Wait the great and powerful Trixie needs to speak with you!


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Nightmare night · 7:09pm Nov 1st, 2021

I know i know I’m late I’m sorry but uh…I drank a little bit too much last night so I couldn’t make the blog sorry so for now please enjoy this!

ah there you are darling!

*fallout looks up from his Journal to see rarity smiling at him*

Hmm? Oh hey babe! How ya doing

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Happy Halloween · 5:45pm Oct 31st, 2021

Happy Halloween everypony!!! I know it’s been a while but i promise I’m gonna get back into things and make blogs like I used too life just doesn’t like me

expect a new blog later today!



We might be busy with nightmare night

no worries I’ll help you!


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