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Hey guys its been a while huh! · 6:53pm Dec 25th, 2022

Hey guys long time no see huh? Sorry about being gone for so long life has kept me busy mostly my job has been hell and then two of my sisters had kids! I’m an uncle now and I got promoted at work for all the stuff I’ve went through to help at work! I never forgot this place though I was always reading stories to Relax so…sorry for being gone guys. Also here’s a little blog bumble did for me enjoy

Thanks for helping me get a tree for the Christmas Party!

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Clearing a path · 3:25am Jun 22nd, 2022

How much further do we need to go Fluttershy?

not much further I promise I’m sorry for taking you away from your game with spike Big Mac and Discord

Eh it’s ok babe honestly I don’t know how they convinced me to even play with them I don’t understand the rules of…uh….whatever that game was

*giggles* so I saved you for once

*laughs* yeah you saved me

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Since is magic · 3:24am Jun 17th, 2022

hmmm….this can’t be right the necklace should have ……

*as Sunset continues to mumble to herself fallout shifted in his seat across from her covered in various wires looking confused and scared, one moment he was taking a nap under a tree by the soccer field until sunset woke him up and dragged him here*

Uhh…s-sunset can you please explain to me what’s going on?

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Fresh start · 5:09am Apr 3rd, 2022

*it was a lovely morning in ponyville as one certain pony makes his way into his kitchen where he spots his little sister getting a drink*

Well good morning there sis did you sleep well?

*turns to give him a tired smile* yeah it was awesome are you gonna make breakfast big bro?

Hmm I was planning on it did you have a request?

yeah can we have those chocolate chip and peanut butter pancakes we had at that one rich ponies house!

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Pinkie surprise · 4:26am Mar 13th, 2022

*it was another beautiful day in canterlot high as students walked through the halls to meet there friends or head to there next class but for one student we all know as Fallout was having some….trouble*

dude just do it! This song is great

All I did was change a few words bumble that’s it I-I don’t think….

hey look at me pinkie is going to love this trust me besides it’s pinkies birthday this is super important

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More painful than it looks · 5:29am Feb 27th, 2022

*fallout scratches his head In confusion again as he looks at another picture of a Ceiling the fluttershy sent him, at first it was fun but after the 4th one he got worried so after she didn’t respond to his calls or messages he decided to go to her house*

*knocks on door* hello fluttershy….are you ok?

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Hearts and hooves day · 5:04am Feb 16th, 2022

hey guys happy late valentines day sorry this is late and…well not doing as many blogs like I used to I’ve been busy with work and life but I promise I’ll be making them again!

*Fallout let’s out a grown as he steps into his home and drops his bags at the door*

Oh buck me that’s the last time I agree to help a noble on a holiday *yawns* and so early….I need a quick rest then I’ll head into town to get the girls hearts and hooves day gift’s then set the surprise up

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The annoyance returns · 4:33am Feb 12th, 2022

hey are you sure he won’t be here Fluttershy last time we were at your parents zephyr showed up

yes I’m sure last I checked he had an appointment today

good to hear I really don’t wanna deal with him today

he’s not that bad Rainbow dash he’s just-

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Short but sweet · 4:17am Feb 5th, 2022

*Rainbow dash walks out of the kitchen and into the living room where she sees her sleeping husband sleeping on the couch and smiled and approached him then poked him *

hey wake up stud

Hmm…what is it babe

nopony Is here can we….

Can we what?



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Making time · 5:02am Jan 29th, 2022

ok Rainbow dash did you get the snacks from the store?

yep! *pulls two bags out of her backpack full of drinks and chips * I got all our favorites plus some candy too

great now applejack are you sure he’ll even wanna stop practicing? There is a big Archery competition coming up after all

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