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  • 1 week
    Clearing a path

    How much further do we need to go Fluttershy?

    not much further I promise I’m sorry for taking you away from your game with spike Big Mac and Discord

    Eh it’s ok babe honestly I don’t know how they convinced me to even play with them I don’t understand the rules of…uh….whatever that game was

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  • 1 week
    Since is magic

    hmmm….this can’t be right the necklace should have ……

    *as Sunset continues to mumble to herself fallout shifted in his seat across from her covered in various wires looking confused and scared, one moment he was taking a nap under a tree by the soccer field until sunset woke him up and dragged him here*

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  • 12 weeks
    Fresh start

    *it was a lovely morning in ponyville as one certain pony makes his way into his kitchen where he spots his little sister getting a drink*

    Well good morning there sis did you sleep well?

    *turns to give him a tired smile* yeah it was awesome are you gonna make breakfast big bro?

    Hmm I was planning on it did you have a request?

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  • 15 weeks
    Pinkie surprise

    *it was another beautiful day in canterlot high as students walked through the halls to meet there friends or head to there next class but for one student we all know as Fallout was having some….trouble*

    dude just do it! This song is great

    All I did was change a few words bumble that’s it I-I don’t think….

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  • 17 weeks
    More painful than it looks

    *fallout scratches his head In confusion again as he looks at another picture of a Ceiling the fluttershy sent him, at first it was fun but after the 4th one he got worried so after she didn’t respond to his calls or messages he decided to go to her house*

    *knocks on door* hello fluttershy….are you ok?

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The annoyance returns · 4:33am February 12th

hey are you sure he won’t be here Fluttershy last time we were at your parents zephyr showed up

yes I’m sure last I checked he had an appointment today

good to hear I really don’t wanna deal with him today

he’s not that bad Rainbow dash he’s just-

not that bad?! Fluttershy he won’t stop hitting on me even though I’m married! And don’t even get me started on the letters

letters? What-

*the back door swings open and an all too familiar voice spoke up*

I knew I heard your beautiful voice rainbow dash you waiting for me you shouldn’t have

ugh great it’s you…

what are you doing here zephyr I thought you were busy today

I had a feeling that you were here so I left early!

*zephyr is quick to drop his things and sit next to rainbow who growls In anger at him then moves away *

back off zephyr I mean it

coke on stop playin hard to get~

zephyr leave her alone she isn’t interested

why not! what does that muscle bound jerk have that I don’t huh he’s not good enough for you

he’s perfect for me! Zephyr he’s a great stallion and the only reason why your even alive still is because fluttershy is protecting you

if your only here to harass rainbow I suggest you leave now we we’re having a nice time before you showed up

i know you love me rainbow you just don’t see it yet! I’ll show you that that brainless muscle freak doesn’t deserve you

*slams hooves on table* that’s it I’m gonna kick your teeth in!

rainbow dash no!

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Before Rainbow is able to kick Zephyr in the face a large ice pillar launches him into a cloud that freezes around him.

Sorry about that flutter’s but your brother was warned not to skip out on work for any reason and seeing as he was about to get beaten up giving him a reason to not work I had to intervene oh and he’s lost his days wages for this stunt and has to work the night shift guarding discords jail cell for not paying his tab again cya

Red casually picks up the frozen Zephyr and walks off

yup this time he lost a eating contest against pinkie loser had to pay the bill and since he doesn’t normally use money he agreed to work it off by claw and paw without magic but he’s still behind 15 days of work left and tried to ditch it same as Mr freeze here he’s on community service

can I just pay what he owes5636548

You have 25k bits 20 for the restaurant bill for discord 5 the bail he owes me your brother is under a court sentence

o-oh my….I wasn’t expecting it to be that much! I’ll have to see if fallout could help me

Just the 20 for the food discord can pay me back the rest

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