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  • 1 week
    Clearing a path

    How much further do we need to go Fluttershy?

    not much further I promise I’m sorry for taking you away from your game with spike Big Mac and Discord

    Eh it’s ok babe honestly I don’t know how they convinced me to even play with them I don’t understand the rules of…uh….whatever that game was

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  • 1 week
    Since is magic

    hmmm….this can’t be right the necklace should have ……

    *as Sunset continues to mumble to herself fallout shifted in his seat across from her covered in various wires looking confused and scared, one moment he was taking a nap under a tree by the soccer field until sunset woke him up and dragged him here*

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  • 12 weeks
    Fresh start

    *it was a lovely morning in ponyville as one certain pony makes his way into his kitchen where he spots his little sister getting a drink*

    Well good morning there sis did you sleep well?

    *turns to give him a tired smile* yeah it was awesome are you gonna make breakfast big bro?

    Hmm I was planning on it did you have a request?

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  • 15 weeks
    Pinkie surprise

    *it was another beautiful day in canterlot high as students walked through the halls to meet there friends or head to there next class but for one student we all know as Fallout was having some….trouble*

    dude just do it! This song is great

    All I did was change a few words bumble that’s it I-I don’t think….

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  • 17 weeks
    More painful than it looks

    *fallout scratches his head In confusion again as he looks at another picture of a Ceiling the fluttershy sent him, at first it was fun but after the 4th one he got worried so after she didn’t respond to his calls or messages he decided to go to her house*

    *knocks on door* hello fluttershy….are you ok?

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Hearts and hooves day · 5:04am February 16th

hey guys happy late valentines day sorry this is late and…well not doing as many blogs like I used to I’ve been busy with work and life but I promise I’ll be making them again!

*Fallout let’s out a grown as he steps into his home and drops his bags at the door*

Oh buck me that’s the last time I agree to help a noble on a holiday *yawns* and so early….I need a quick rest then I’ll head into town to get the girls hearts and hooves day gift’s then set the surprise up

*fallout made his way to the couch to rest for a moment but as he did he herd muffled voices coming from upstairs it didn’t take him long to figure out that they belonged to his wife’s normally he would wait for them to greet him as usual but decided to lay down instead*

I’ll rest for a little while then go….yeah…

*as soon as he climbed onto the couch he was out a few moments later the girls came downstairs and saw him*

oh dear he’s asleep I hope he’s ok

me too he left In such a hurry this morning! He was so worried that he would miss hearts and hooves day this year

we were all worried about that fluttershy it wasn’t just him

well it’s a good thing we knew what he was gonna do and got everything he was planning on getting to save him a trip

yeah I know right! I bet your all glad I followed him now huh!

stalking isn’t a good thing pinkie but yes this time it was good

thanks to you we can surprise him this year instead of him surprising us!

right now let’s take this opportunity and get everything ready before he wakes up applejack did you run to my shop and get his gifts?

yep ah got it upstairs in a nice hiding spot want me to get them?

no not yet let’s start cooking and decorating first

I’ll start decorating!

starlight and I will help you

that will leave the rest of you to cook his favorite dishes and make sure he doesn’t wake up early

got it I’ll watch him girls no worries

*after a few hours fallout slowly wakes up and checks the time and panicked*

Oh buck I over slept The girls are gonna kill me! I-I need to go get everything fast I-

*As he had his meltdown applejack and rainbow dash came in*

woah chill out stud we got everything for ya


yeah we wanted to surprise you for a change this year you do so much for us

W-well it’s-

don’t say it’s nothing or any of that cheesy junk stud

Uh….then I got nothing

*laughs* ah don’t know dash ah love the sweet things he does for us

I mean so do I but still today your not doing anything stud we are

You are?

yeah we had pinkie follow ya last month when ya went into town to get everything set up

and don’t worry we didn’t see what gifts you got us

Oh thank celestia

hey is he awake yet?

yeah we’re just calming him down

calming him down? What happened

nothing much just thought we was late getting everything for today

oh *laughs* well get up sweetheart we got dinner ready and we made your favorites

O-ok…thanks girls I don’t know what I would do without you

we love ya too stud now get up I’m starving

oh make sure to eat and drink plenty too we got a lotta fun things planned for tonight lover boy~

buck yeah we do! I’m planning on beating my record tonight

Oh celestia no

not if I beat it first!

oh yeah!


*Gulps *

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Hope you got an ice bath after cause your gonna be needing it my friend lol

Aww, that's sweet!

Uh-oh, I hope Fallout has lot's of medicine, because I think he might need it!

Yeah I got some I don’t think it’ll help though

Though I hope everything is going alright with work and life man

It’s just been busy I’ll be ok

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