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  • Wednesday
    His cooking

    mmmm~ Sooo goooood~

    pinkie pie put those cookies down right now and help me!

    * pinkie stopped half way into her 7th cookie when Rarity spoke up and looked at her with confusion and sadness*

    but honey bunny made them!

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  • 1 week
    Another ruined hoodie

    *Fallout gulped in fear as he stood outside of Rarity’s boutique preparing to face yet another lecture from her after ruining another hoodie while working *

    Ugh I hate this part *sighs* welp might as well get this over with

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  • 1 week
    River fun

    fallout get off your phone and join us the water is great!

    yeah come on stud get your butt in here

    *fallout smirks and looks up from his phone to look at Sunset and Rainbow in the river in front of him then at the others who were playing in it*

    In a minute I promise

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  • 3 weeks
    Happy new year

    Happy new year everypony! I hope you all have an amazing time and remember to be careful if your planning on drinking this year has been hard for me but I promise that 2022 will be better….hopefully I plan on doing my blogs as much as possible at least once every other day or every day like I used to so-

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  • 3 weeks
    Friendship math afterwards

    *as Twilight and pinkie continue to hug each other they hear a familiar voice speak up*

    Well well well I’m definitely definitely enjoying this view I just wish my hands weren’t full

    *The two girls stop hugging and look to see fallout smiling at them while holding a pizza box with three drinks on top*

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Camping fun · 4:27am Nov 10th, 2021

And then the headless horse stomped on his-

Fallout Ah think that’s enough!

*Fallout quickly stops and looks at Applejack who doesn’t look too happy*

What’s up babe?

yeah why did you make him stop I love this part of the story!

it’s so Violent I’m glad you stopped him the poor girls are shaking

*after hearing that fallout looks at the cmc who are now holding onto each other while shaking in fear although Scootaloo is doing her best to look brave he could easily tell she’s pretty scared and apologizes*

Shoot sorry you three I didn’t mean to scare you that much it’s just a story alright

w-we know that we’re j-just uh…..

cold! Yeah w-we’re just cold

yeah what they said!

Uh huh sure~

ah think that’s enough stories for Tonight don’t ya think

….yeah your probably right

oh come on! It’s still early

we have other things to do then tell stories while camping

how about a board game


oh good idea! Something not scary though

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Applejack they are children in this camping trip!

You guys want a board game? Check out this one i found!

*girls looking horrified by the violence*

… maybe we should just stick to tellin stories.

Okay, how about this one Germane folktale about a Mole who gets pooped on while he was sleeping and forces the other animals to take a dump to prove it wasn’t them?

(This is an actual German Children’s tale btw. I am not kidding!)

… I’m sure we have some card games we can play instead.

Yes why not play dos the sequel to uno

Scootaloo already had nightmares once because of this!!

how was I supposed to know it would give her nightmares

Same thing the headless horse

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