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  • Wednesday
    His cooking

    mmmm~ Sooo goooood~

    pinkie pie put those cookies down right now and help me!

    * pinkie stopped half way into her 7th cookie when Rarity spoke up and looked at her with confusion and sadness*

    but honey bunny made them!

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  • 6 days
    Another ruined hoodie

    *Fallout gulped in fear as he stood outside of Rarity’s boutique preparing to face yet another lecture from her after ruining another hoodie while working *

    Ugh I hate this part *sighs* welp might as well get this over with

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  • 1 week
    River fun

    fallout get off your phone and join us the water is great!

    yeah come on stud get your butt in here

    *fallout smirks and looks up from his phone to look at Sunset and Rainbow in the river in front of him then at the others who were playing in it*

    In a minute I promise

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  • 2 weeks
    Happy new year

    Happy new year everypony! I hope you all have an amazing time and remember to be careful if your planning on drinking this year has been hard for me but I promise that 2022 will be better….hopefully I plan on doing my blogs as much as possible at least once every other day or every day like I used to so-

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  • 2 weeks
    Friendship math afterwards

    *as Twilight and pinkie continue to hug each other they hear a familiar voice speak up*

    Well well well I’m definitely definitely enjoying this view I just wish my hands weren’t full

    *The two girls stop hugging and look to see fallout smiling at them while holding a pizza box with three drinks on top*

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Weekend plans · 5:59am Nov 20th, 2021

why can’t school be over with already i Wanna go home and relax with fallout

looks like someone is excited about there weekend plans with our boyfriend~

yeah what’s the plan for then weekend with him you can’t just stay home and cuddle while playing games

that will definitely be happening without a doubt Rainbow….we’re still figuring out what else to do though we were going to talk about it during English when we partner up

why not a movie?

he looked there’s nothing good out right now

oh what about going out to dinner?

oh oh or that new gaming place that opened up in the mall!

gaming place?

oh yeah I saw that the other day it was definitely something else it looks fun though

especially for you two gamers honestly though I don’t understand the appeal of video games

you have to give them a chance to understand rarity….why don’t you come with us

…. I don’t know if-

*Rarity was cut off as fallout walked up to the group and hugs them*

Hey there’s my beautiful girls! What did I miss?

nothing much babe we were talking about things we can do this weekend

*smiles* Oh? Is cuddling and video games with me not enough?

what?! Of course it is enough for me! You know my favorite thing to do is play games and cuddle with you especially if I can so both at the same time

*laughs* oh like that one time you made those sweaty try hards mad by interrupting my game by sitting on my lap and showing yourself off

hey those jerks needed to know that you had a hot girlfriend!

Hot or hotheaded?


you do have anger problems sunset

In my defense I haven’t had an episode in a while

She’s right she gets calm now by making guys I play with online jealous

it’s funny….besides I don’t hear you complaining about it especially when I’m doing it while in your lap

hey sitting on his lap is my thing!

pinkie you can share right

of course I can! I’d hate to make you all sad….besides I bet honey bunny loves having us in his lap huh sweetie

U-uh n-no comment!

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I bet you are going to play smash if you know what I mean


that’s one way to put it~


Wink wink nudge nudge say no more

Haha, nice! Showing off that you have a girlfriend at all is a huge brag to other gamers!

I didn’t wanna brag!

that’s why we do it for you!


So, how are things? You haven’t posted in a while.

Yeah sorry life is keeping me busy I keep meaning to post again but forget or get to tired I’m really sorry I’m gonna start posting again I swear

That’s fair, life’s been rough recently.

I’ll definitely keep my eyes posted for the next post!


Hello everypony, and welcome back to Shimmercode! I’m Sunset and this is one of my best friends, Rarity!

Hello, darlings!

Most of you know her from her fashion blogs, but today I’ve managed to convince her to give gaming a try!

Yes, let us call for Duty… and play on Battlefields… or other…

*Rolls eyes* yeah, well upon trying to decide which game to play I decided on the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It just recently came out, again, so what better time to play it then now while we wait for our boyfriend, Fallout, to finish work and bring us some food!

*Sunset starts up the system and gets through the menus to start a new game.*

Sunset, darling, are you sure I should be playing this game? It’s not going to be like that one medieval game that made you break your controller, right?

Don’t worry, Rare, Since you’re not used to games I figured a more Stealthy, Charismatic focused build would suit you well. Of course most of the decisions will be yours, I’m just here to help you get started.

Well… very well then…

Fallout and I managed to load up some mods to make some minor improvements, as well as make the game feel a bit more immersive. So this should be extra fun.

*soon the title shows up on screen and a familiar voice greets them*

Hey, you. You’re finally awake!

*an hour later Rarity was staring at the screen scratching her chin while trying to solve a difficult part of the game.*

Hmm… should I go with the one on the left… or the right… this one… or that one?

Sweet Celestia, IT DOESN’T MATTER RARITY! Just pick one!!!

*Fallout arrives with Pizza and Soda*

“Hey girls, I’m here! Sorry I’m late, someone made a last minute preorder I couldn’t get out of...”

FALLOUT! Thank goodness you’re here! Please help us, Rarity has been stuck at this one part forever!

Sunset, Darling, need I remind you that if I do do this just right It will haunt me for the rest of the game!

“How far have you gotten anyway?”

We’re still on the Character creation screen!

“You haven’t even gotten out of Helgen yet?!”

Darlings, need I remind you how important ones appearance is?!

“Look, babe, there’s an option to change how you look later, so how about you move on before Sunset blows a gasket?”

Very well… oh dear, what should I name my Character?

*Sunset immediately gets up and goes to her nightstand, where her stress ball is and starts squeezing the life out of it. Fallout Follows*

“Everything fine Sunset?”

She is ruining one of the greatest RPGs of all time, just because she didn’t know if she wanted to give her character a bigger nose!!!

“Come on, sweetie, it’s her first time playing. Give her some time!”

Sunset, should I pick that one soldier guy or the viking to go with?

*Sunset grabs the 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew and starts chugging it*

“I bought that for all of us...”

Bite me! It’s your turn to help her, I’m eating Pizza!

I usually go with the Viking rarity so pick him

Oh, I do like Vikings. Go with that one!

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