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Late start · 4:20am Nov 25th, 2021

Shit shit shit! I’m so late Twilight is so not gonna be happy!

*Fallout mentally cursed himself as he ran down the empty halls of canterlot high towards his locker*

Ugh why did I have to sleep in!

*as he ran he passed a clock on the wall that read 8:20 making him run even faster and eventually to his locker which he opened with great speed*

Ok ok if I hurry I should be ok….I hope

*as he spoke to himself he quickly grabbed his things needed for his first period class and closed it ,then ran to his class after another minute of running he made it but right before he entered he cleaned himself up the best he could then prepared for what was to come. After opening the door all eyes were on him making him mentally sigh as his teacher mr.doodle spoke up*

ah finally made it mister Shieldhunter can you explain why your so late?

U-uh over slept sir….s-sorry won’t happen again

see to it that it doesn’t now go take a seat

*fallout sighs again and walked to his usual desk that was between Twilight and pinkie then sat down*

what took you so long

i was worried something happened to you

I over slept sorry

were you up playing those video games again i told you to stop the late night gaming

No I-

he was talking to me actually I can’t sleep without hearing his voice

are you-

hey keep it down and pay attention you three

*fallout pinkie and twilight apologized and agreed to pay attention to the lessons and talk after class. As the morning went on the class eventually ended and the three of them walked out of the class and to the usual spot they meet to others at after a few minutes of explaining from fallout and pinkie the girls understood*

pinkie you need to stop keeping him up so late this Can’t be happening all the time

I said I was sorry!

chill out twilight your acting like you haven’t done it before

*blushes* I-I haven’t-

oh come on Rainbow is right we’ve all done it right babe~

W-well…yeah it’s true

*sighs* I can’t take this anymore!

*the sudden outburst from rarity made everyone jump in shock and look at her*

whats up rare?

is something wrong?

yes something is wrong!

what is it?

*points to fallout* your hair darling it’s horrible!

*fallout looks up at his hair and realized that he completely forgot to comb his hair before he left*

this cannot stand! No boyfriend of mine is going to run around looking like that you are coming with me!

R-rarity please

no! You need to be perfect

I’ll do it myself

fallout darling please it’s time you tried a new style anyway come with me

*before he could object he was dragged off by rarity*

oh boy here we go

I’ll go get a hat from his locker in case she gives him a stupid haircut or something

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Comments ( 6 )

I’d imagine an easy solution for this problem would be to record stuff and send it to each girl, Al’s or like custom ASMR or something.

Hahaha that could work

no it wouldn’t! It wouldn’t be the same

Aw man, Rarity is going to end up giving him a Pompadour or something:rainbowlaugh:

Please god no! Can’t wait to see what ya do with this man

*just before the start of the next class, Rarity is styling Fallout’s hair in *

“Rare are you almost done? We’re going to be late!”

Just one more aaaaannnnddd… done!

*Rarity gives Fallout a mirror so he can see her work*

Well? What do you think?

“R-Rarity, this looks like your hairstyle!!!”

I know, now everyone will know who you belong to!

“Rarity, I can’t let anyone see me like this! I’ll be the laughing stock of the school!”

Well I already sprayed everything, it would take ages to make anything else!

Don’t worry Rarity, *Unplugs Rarity’s Curler from her hair* I got this!

*Pinkie then Glomps Fallout and starts giving his head rubs all over*

Pinkie Pie snuggle powers, ACTIVATE!!!

*after a bit of Snuggles, nuzzles, and snuzzles Pinkie Pie lets go of Fallout and his hair style looks like it normally does.*

H-how did you… ?

Never underestimate the power of Snuggles!

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