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    dude just do it! This song is great

    All I did was change a few words bumble that’s it I-I don’t think….

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After school boredom · 5:09am Dec 3rd, 2021

*Rainbow sighs as she looks up at the school entrance waiting for her boyfriend to come out but sadly he didn’t come due to an unfortunate event*

ugh come on! I can’t believe he has to spend 30 minutes after school because of what Pinkie and sunset we’re doing! This is so not fair they knew we had plans today

*Rainbow couldn’t help but growl and look at the time on her phone then growl some more as it only reads 10 minutes had passed Since school had ended*

ok….I’ll just play with my soccer ball to pass the time

*after a short while she got bored but thankfully it was long enough because as soon as she stopped she saw the front doors to the school open and fallout walk out so with her famous speed she quickly got up and ran over to him wrapping him into a hug that really surprised him*

W-woah hey there beautiful I wasn’t expecting you to be here

w-well yeah We had plans today! Plans that pinkie and sunset ruined because they couldn’t stop giving you notes in class I swear when I get my hands on them I’ll-

Relax babe trust me there getting a good talking to as well trust me so you don’t have to do anything to them alright

I don’t care! They knew we had plans today just you and me! Oh hey pinkie just wanted more time with you or something

Hey that’s not fair rainbow she really feels bad for everything and so does sunset just forgive them and I’ll make it up to you

make it up how huh

I’ll let you stay the night at my house for the weekend so we’ll have plenty of time together

really!? Ok but I also want you to give me massages as well

Hmm…ok but nothing too crazy though I don’t want my parents or Scootaloo to be asking questions again like last time

ha no promises stud you know how good your hands make me feel

Yeah I know

great now if we hurry we can catch the new daring do movie before it starts!

Let’s get in my car then

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Hahaha, don’t give Fallout any massages that would be hard to explain to kids!


Though it gives me an idea 😈

*Once they get to Fallout’s house Rainbow Dash rubs her shoulder.*

“You okay babe?”

Yeah, i think i pulled something at practice Today.

“Oh, okay. Lay down on the couch and I’ll massage it for you.”

Thanks, Stud!

*Rainbow Dash does what she’s told and rests herself while Fallout gets behind her to do his work.*

Oh wow… you give the best back rubs…

“What can I say? I’m good with my hands!”

Oh, I know.

*unbeknownst to them both Fallout’s Aunt Holiday walks into the room to see them both. Unfortunately she’s looking from the other side of the couch so she sees them in a position that seems rather… suggestive.*

Oh yeah, make sure you get in there real good okay?

“You sure? I don’t want to hurt you.”

Ah don’t worry, Dashie can handle a little roughness!

“All right then…”

Oh Yeeeaah. Just like that!

oh… oh my! These two really are close! I don’t know if I should say anything…

*Suddenly Scootaloo shows up and sees them together*

hey guys, what are you doing?

Your brother’s making me feel much better, I needed this all day!


oh, cool! Hey can you do me next?

“I don’t see why not!”

Well I do! You can’t be doing that with your own sister!!!

*Aunt Holiday finally moves over to the other side to see What they were really doing.*

“Uh, Aunt Holiday, I give Scoots massages all the time!”

Yeah, what’s wrong with that?

… nothing. I just thought that… n-nevermind!!! *runs away blushing*

What’s her problem?

Oh man, Aunt Holiday needs to get her mind out of the gutter!

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