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While Jim Pickens was serving terrible food with Grade F ingredients to the customers of his restaurant, he suddenly gets zapped by an unknown force and sent to a whole new world. This world, in particular, inhabits several creatures which look like horses. When Jim discovers these horses (who prefer to be called "ponies" even though Jim doesn't know the difference) understand English and are actually a society of their own in the land of Equestria, he decides to take it upon himself to integrate into their society, while trying to find ways to kill them. Don't worry though, that's completely normal behavior for him. It's not going to be a big problem for the ponies... probably.

Jim Pickens is a character in Call Me Kevin's Sims 4 gameplay series. The playlist can be found here. It's recomended that you watch some of the series before you read this, but I don't really care what you do.

It takes place before Jim moves to StrangeVille and I don't know where in the My Little Pony series this takes place in.

I guess this takes place in the earlier seasons, but I never watched the show. Equestria Girls never happened and is considered just a dream that Twilight had.

EDIT: This is the point of no return. Reddit user ShanePd00 on r/CallMeKevin found this fanfiction. I'm impressed he found it within 24 hours, let alone 2. He earned that silver award. I applaud you, good sir. Here's the reddit post.

EDIT #2: I was told that this is the first crossover fanfiction with the Sims 4. I should've realized that when I started writing a few months ago, but I didn't for some dumb reason.

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