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I'm a guy who's new to fanfic writing and intends to write about ideas I am really interested in. Yeah, that's about it.

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After a few years of studies and a couple years of fighting magical forces, Sunset Shimmer and her six friends are all set to graduate from Canterlot High and are eager to seek out their futures. That is, except for Sunset Shimmer, who has started to become a little homesick for Equestria, and as such, is unsure of which world she should stay in.

Meanwhile, the magical buildup behind the cracked portal causes it to grow into a big gaping hole, causing larger quantities of magic to leak into their world and threaten to contaminate more than just their city. Will the seven girls be able to stop the flow of magic for good in time for graduation, and will their friendship be able to survive this catastrophe?

This story is my vision of Equestria Girls getting a true finale.

Based on an idea by Cameron Marston.

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Christmas is quickly approaching in Canterlot City, and the girls are all excited for their holiday plans. However, they begin to notice that Sunset isn't so enthused, and quickly figure out it's because of how lonely she's always been during the winter holidays. Thus, the girls decide to throw her a special Hearth's Warming-themed party, with the help of Princess Twilight Sparkle. Will they succeed in getting Sunset into the holiday spirit?

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Princess Twilight Sparkle has granted her student, Starlight Glimmer, a few extra days in the mirror world to get to know everyone – and hopefully learn a couple lessons of her own along the way. With newfound friends like Sunset Shimmer by her side, she’ll have nothing to worry about while she explores the strange sights that await her.

Takes place directly after "Mirror Magic", but viewing that isn't required to properly follow what happens here.

Proofread and Edited by ChudoJogurt.

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