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Jack Kirby's Fourth World is here and has taken an interest in Equestria! That's not a good thing. Celestia and Luna will do whatever it takes to protect their little ponies from the star born menaces descending upon them...and within the midst of the planet already...

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Splazor the Laser Cat finds himself lost on the event horizon and winds up in his worse nightmare! Alone, powerless, and (most importantly) in the girliest most unmanly world he's ever been in! The lands of Equestria! Can his Captain save him before he loses it or worse, goes *shivers* native??

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One day while out in the Everfree trying to earn their adventuring cutie marks, the Cutie Mark Crusaders find themselves chased by a hydra into a small cave. With no where else to go, they begin exploring and find the entrance to the rock of eternity, where they encounter an ancient and renowned wizard who bestows upon them his own power. THE POWER OF SHAZAM!

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