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I'm just a married nerd guy who watches anime, plays video games, enjoys science fiction, and loves MLP.

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Rainbow Dash finds a stone while out flying, but it explodes when she touches it. What was it and why did it explode?

Based on a prompt by OCisbestpony

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Rarity's horn has been known to do some very strange things without Rarity's permission. When she's called on a friendship mission, she doesn't know what to expect. Her horn, on the other hoof, has plans of its own.

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Everypony thought the windigos were as good as gone. Then the Cutie Map calls the Mane 6 to the top of a mountain, and they find out otherwise... Can Twilight and her friends stop the dastardly plot before a villain can allow the windigos to return?

Set near the end of Season 6 and includes occasional references to events in Season 7.

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