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Llama the Kujo

I'm just a married nerd guy who watches anime, plays video games, enjoys science fiction, and loves MLP.


Updates · 4:31pm Jul 16th, 2018

So I've finally convinced my actual author friend to take a look at what I've written for prereading and editing purposes (it's like pulling teeth, let me tell ya). So, that said, I've made a few edits to Sidetracked! It should be better now. I mean, it was good before, but this guy supposedly actually knows what he's talking about, so my story is now theoretically "better."

Anyway, thanks for the read, and check out my new story, A Rainbow's Fate!

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Fresh Start · 2:00pm Jul 4th, 2018

So after I failed somewhat hardcore in my first story, Then the Storm Blows Cold, I was discouraged for a while. I didn't have the will to write or the creativity to finish what I'd already started.

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