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It's been over eight years for Phoenix Wright. Eight years since he was transported to the world of colourful ponies. Eight years since his showdown in the courtroom against Trixie over the fate of Rainbow Dash. Eight years since he was disbarred for submitting false evidence in a trial back in the human world. The last several years of investigation over the case that cost him his badge, and his subsequent return to the legal world has left his foray into Equestria as a faint memory, only the picture he keeps in his desk proving to him it wasn't a dream.

Coming off his most recent case, the ace attorney has decided to take a well deserved rest, but fate would have another plan for the lawyer, as once again his services, and those of The Wright Anything Agency, have been called to Equestria to solve the second murder in recent equine history. The stakes are higher than anyone, or anypony, could imagine, and if the defendant is found guilty, the repercussions could be disastrous. Day one of the trial is about to begin.

All rise.

A/N: While planning out my other fics and getting back into writing, I finished watching Turnabout Storm and noticed that the resulting "sequel" fics are lacking or overwrought. Consider this a writing exercise and an attempt to do the series justice.

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The Great and Powerful Trixie has returned to Ponyville, and to make amends for her earlier transgressions has decided to put on a new and spectacular show that everypony can enjoy. Unfortunately, at the apex of her performance, one rainbow coloured pegasus on the run from a fuming Rarity sets off a chain-sequence of events that hurls herself, Applejack and Derpy into a world they know little about.

Now, as they struggle to get home, they find themselves in the middle of a world-wide conflict between ponies that they can't hope to understand and will have to take part in if they want to survive it, and their moral decisions will not only decide the lives of themselves, but everypony else involved.


Fic inspired by "Hot Plot" drawn by MadHotaru. Pic used with his permission.

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Her years of adventuring with her friends behind her, Twilight is given the prestigious position as the captain of Equestria's newest air-liner, the Luna's Dream. Using it as her personal "research vessel" she travels Equestria and the lands beyond in search of knowledge and books in the guise of taking high-paying ponies on cruises. On this particular flight to the gryphon's capitol, she's waylaid by a particularly angry blue unicorn that won't rest until Twilight Sparkle is dead on the end of her cutlass.

Cover image by Aweranger.

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