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Post birthday post · 4:34pm Jan 4th, 2015

Uh yeah happy birthday to me and I suck.

I'm sorry for the lack of anything but I was waiting on editing and let time slip away. Since I'm now shopping for a new editor, I'll just proofreading my own stuff and thus releases may be more forthcoming. That being said they may be of lesser quality.

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Release schedule change · 8:21pm Aug 17th, 2014

On my last blog post I had stated that I was trying to do a simultaneous release for my new chapters. My editor for WCBB however needs more time for editing and commenting on my latest chapter, so instead I shall start with staggard releases. One new chapter for a fic tonight, and two more hopefully within the week. Stay tuned!

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Hey, what's going on up in this fimfic thing? · 12:58am Jul 9th, 2014

Yes, I know. Been a long time. Gather 'round children, for I have stories to tell you!

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Timelines and Tribulations · 4:40am Oct 22nd, 2012

Last week I said that I had intended to get the latest chapter of WCBB to Tencent before the evening was out, or at the latest Monday. Yeah... that was before my work decided that they wanted me to put in a ton of overtime. Money's good, but hobbies obviously suffer. That's alright- we went over the rough draft last night and should have something to show for it sometime this week unless something else comes up. This is why I USUALLY don't like to give timelines or dates- I almost always miss

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Another week another post · 3:28am Oct 15th, 2012

Evening kids!

It's been a busy week for me, but I've done my best to push through and get as much done as I can on my writing. With the NHL on lockout it's not like I have that much to watch on TV.

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Well might as well start using this thing... · 12:02am Oct 8th, 2012

Hey kids!

I've decided to start keeping a blog here. Why? Who knows? Seems like the thing to do- I've got enough followers I assume some of you might want to hear my ramblings. Also, I finally got featured on an update- there's that too.

So, what should I talk about today? Well, how about some story statuses.

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