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After a freak earthquake, blinding lights, and some zero gravity a young man finds himself in Equestria. however due to his shyness he has a hard time speaking to anypony. So, most think he's just some new species of animal.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that he's know as the EverFree's Alpha by some of the inhabitants of the EverFree forest... just checking.

I'm not good at summery's, sorry.

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Dan, a young man wakes up in a forest with a nasty headache, and whats left of the rave he attended last night.
and he's in the body of a child.

not a good description but i cant say much of this without ruining something about the story


will add characters and categories as they come.

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Fluttershy finds a smallish creature crying in the everfree forest. the creature was alone and so fluttershy tries to comfort the creature, she ends up taking the creature home.

OK, honestly i don't like the description of this because i dont want say much of it but it kinda reminds me of a " Revers Dashi "
all you my little dashi (dashie?) fans out there might enjoy what im gonna bring to the table.

also my first attempt at this sooo, yeah have fun.

will add categories as i go, same with characters

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