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A sixteen-year-old Flurry Heart meets King Sombra the only prisoner of the Crystal Empire. She questions him about his life and about the Empire when he lived in it. All while lying to her parents about what she's doing, since she thinks all the information will benefit the empire.

Hope you read Fiendship is magic book 1, cause this story does include elements from the comic. It's also a good read.

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Twilight Sparkle, Princess and now mentor to Starlight Glimmer is having a great time at a party Starlight is throwing. After the party everything starts to snowball into chaos. As the cutie map summons everypony to it; all confused to the reason why the map needed them all the mane six look at each other. Till each one starts vanishing to the far reaches of Equestria, all but Twilight.

Can Twilight get her friends back before Equestria is destroyed by the princesses and Discord. Can Twilight even stop the pony behind it all or will Equestria fall into eternal chaos because of this pony.

Join Twilight on this endeavor to see if she fails in the quest at hand or over comes it.

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