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Genius. Billionaire. Playmare. Philanthropist. Industrialist. Inventor.

Rainbow Dash is all of these things and none of these things. On second thought, she's all of them fused together. While on a military tour across the Arabian deserts to present her new weapons, Rainbow Dash's convoy comes under fire by an ambush set up by terrorists. They capture and force her to build devastating weapons for them. Instead, she builds an armored suit and escapes her captors. Returning to Equestria, Dash decides to fight crime and terrorism as the IRON MARE.

Art by Iven-Furrpaw

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A short story series of various one-shots to help expand the Marevel Alternate Universe.

Stories in the One-Shots:

The Counselor:

Agent Spike and the Flam brothers must come up with a plan to keep Gilda out of the Heroes Initiative.

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Twilight's Hammer:

Spike stops a mini mart robbery on his way to Appleloosa.

Item 51:

Set right after the events of Harmony's Avengers, a down-on-their-luck couple finds a discarded Gnauslhua gun and decide to rob a few banks. Agents Flim and Flam are sent in to retrieve the weapon and "neutralize" the couple. Disaster and hilarity ensue.

Agent Mustang:

Three years after the events of Captain Equestria: Harmony's First Avenger, Thunder Mustang is now a rookie member of the Strategic Reserve Division, stuck compiling data instead of working field cases while facing indifference from his superiors and treated condescendingly. When an important case line mission calls about a secret weapon, Mustang goes on a solo mission to prove his worth.

Chapters (4)
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