Iron Mare

by EngineGear



Rainbow Dash sat quietly, waving her drink around as she and her convoy drove across the Arabian Deserts. Her weapons deal was going smoothly and would greatly help the Equestrian Army fight against the mountain dogs terrorists. Ever since the Diamond Dogs came under attack, the equestrians and griffins fought valiantly to help them. Unfortunately, they didn't know much of the region at that time. Equestria and Griffinstone have been participating in a war on terror for the past twelve years.
Rainbow Dash has been CEO of Dash Industries for almost two years now, yet she managed to turn the tide on the war. Her genetic intellect, inventing skills, and sharp attitude made her a legend for inventors all across Equestria. Years ago, her uncle, Rainbow Blaze, took over Dash Industries after her grandfather passed away and now has since passed it down to Rainbow Dash. The advanced technology helped the military greatly. The terrorists are brought to their knees, knowing that they would be wiped by drone strikes, ambushes, and even their own guerrilla tactics.

"Ms. Dash, feeling comfortable?" asked Blowtorch, the leader of the convey.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. How long until we reach the checkpoint?"

"Not too long, ma'am," said Blowtorch "We should be at the embassy in the next two hours or so."

"Figures. I'm getting tired of this heat."

"Once we get to the embassy, we'll have your private jet ready for you. You'll be back to Cloudsdale in no time."

Rainbow Dash sighed. "Yo, Vasquez, you're an air pilot, right? So, what's it like to fly a jet?"

Vasquez, an air force pilot, only gave Rainbow Dash a smug grin. "It's quite fun once you get used to it. My wings ached when I had to fly hundreds of miles. Nowadays, we can soar through the skies without limit. Now, I'm sitting here on my flank, with the intense heat and Equestria's greatest billionaire inventor."

Rainbow Dash smiled. "I honestly, I couldn't have called that. I mean, I would apologize, but isn't that what we're going for here? I thought of you as a soldier first. Looking at you guys now, you all have an excellent bone structure there. I'm kinda having a hard time not looking at you now. Is that weird?"

The soldiers all laugh as Rainbow Dash took another swig of her drink.

"A toast to the war economy. Cheers."

But before the soldiers had a chance to make a toast, the lead convey hit something, causing a chain reaction, spilling the champagne all over Rainbow Dash.

"Aw shit," she cried "I knew shouldn't have worn my good shirt." Against her orders, she climbed out of the Humvee to see what's going on. "Say, what the big deal? Why have we stopped? And do you know much this shirt cost me?"
The lead driver grunted. "Sorry, ma'am. Must've hit a curb, plus, there's a civilian on the road. He must be lost or something." The lead driver went to check on the civilian.

“It not safe here, Ms. Dash,” Blowtorch said. “Come back inside.” Before she got a chance to enter the Humvee, a loud boom sent the lead driver flying, his charred up body landing right next to Rainbow Dash.

“What the shit?!”

“HIT THE DECK!!” shouted one of the soldiers.

Before Rainbow Dash had a chance to react, another explosion took out one of the Humvees. Gunshots were heard all over the convoy as the guards tried their best to fend off the attackers. Dash entered the Humvee as soon as possible.

“There’s all over the place!!” Vasquez shouted.

“Don’t give in!!” the commander said as he went check on Rainbow Dash. “Ms. Dash, we’re going to get you somewhere safe! Hang on!!!”

“Wait! Give me a gun!!”

“No! Stay here!!!” the commander yelled, but before he could the enter the fight, a shrapnel bomb exploded in front of him, instantly killing him.

Rainbow Dash took this chance to exit the Humvee, grabbed the commander’s gun, and fired at her attackers. It wasn’t long until the gun jammed. Frustrated, she threw the gun away and tried to call Scootaloo for backup. While her phone was ringing, she saw Vasquez and Blowtorch dragging their wounded away from the crossfire. A missile was heading straight for them. Whether it was an act of selflessness and being plain stupid, Rainbow Dash threw both airponies away as the missile landed right in the front of her. Dash’s eyes widened when she saw the missile: the missile that had her name on it. Rainbow Dash desperately attempted to get away, however she was too shocked to move and the bomb exploded, its force sending her backward. She tried to get up, but a tremendous pain lanced through her chest prevent her from doing so. As she slowly started to lose consciousness, she heard a voice from her phone.

“Rainbow Dash, what’s going on? I can hear gunshots!! What’s going on down there?! Rainbow Dash?! Rainbow Dash?! RAINBOW DASH!!!...”


She could still feel the pain in her chest, like tiny little daggers slowly trying to pierce her heart. She could barely hear the voices of her captors discussing what to do with her.

“What should we tell the boss?”

“What do you think? Tell him we got Rainbow Dash. I bet he’ll reward us for this.”

“But that mare’s half-dead. How the hell are we going to get her to build us weapons when she can barely pick herself up? ”

“We have a doctor. The boss wants her alive so he’ll have the doc patch her up.”

“What about the two soldiers we captured?”

“Our main concern is Rainbow Dash. Who gives a shit about two grunts? Just throw them in the desert. They won’t last at least a day.”


“What is it?” the doctor asked as he entered the room.

“I think it’s best to see for yourself.”

“ that who I think it is?”

“The one and only Rainbow Dash. Our boys found her like this. They said her vest protected her but she still got some shrapnel inside her chest.”

“She should be dead by now.”

“She’s strong, I’ll give her that. I’ve notified the boss; he wants you to perform surgery on her. He’s putting you in charge of keeping her alive. Remember this, doc. If she dies, don’t expect the boss to show you mercy.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”


Rainbow Dash woke up, dazed and unaware of her surroundings. Her face was covered by a burlap sack. When one of her captors removed the sack, she found herself in front of a camera. Her captors were reading out a ransom note to an unknown viewer, possibly the whole world watching. Rainbow Dash could only look on in dismay with various guns aiming at guns. She was now held hostage by terrorists.