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while playing truth or dare with her friends, Fluttershy is asked a truth she wishes she never had to answer...

(story is not in the same universe as 'mother of the enemy' I just had this idea off the bat...
also dedicated to all my awesome friends and followers! ya'll know who ya are :raritywink:)
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( I would like to thank my awesome editor for making this story longer then it was to start with)

Fluttershy, a shy and caring pegisi always dreams of having a family, raising some kids,
but she knows she could never come to that, nopony would ever want a shy thing like her.

but that all changes when she finds a baby Changling on her door step, feeling sorry for the little thing fluttershy takes him into her home, but taking care of him will take some time to get used to.

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(based off a Scottish story saying that fairies will still a human baby, and leave a changeling in its place, I messed with it a bit though...)

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Derpy's day has been going terribly wrong first she gets the mail misplaced and then her muffins for the bake sale burn, things start to turn when she runs into the pony of her dreams

This is a derpy:heart:doctor hooves for my friend
Vanilla Mocha enjoy!

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