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i did a blog :) · 12:46pm Jul 30th, 2012

Although it may seem i have been inactive in writing for a while in actual fact i have been doing a lot of work on a new story, however i am staying at my cottage in Swanage to work and there is no internet there. So what i have is purely pen and paper till i get back to my proper home in Boscombe where i have internet.

Be assured though this fic i'm working on is the best i have done so far, parts are writen in the same fashion as The eternal Princess.

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i'm putting this up on all my MLP related pages, i have become aware that some people are having a hard time from parents cos they are brony's. my mom gets annoyed at me but some guys actually get thrown out there house!!!!!!! :rainbowhuh: i live in boscombe, dorset, england and if anyone gets thrown out and is nearby you can come crash at my place :twilightsmile:

I compose stories the same way I compose my mixes, with dreams as my vinyl and constant editing as my mixer.
all my ideas come from my dreams, for each part of the story I may have had several dreams and blended them together or overlapped one into another with a little mix in between.

each of my dreams represents, for me a vinyl. and with my mixer i am able to craft two different dreams into a completely new symphony, this is how my mind works.

this is how I learned to mix music, now it is also how I produce plots to my stories. :twilightsmile:

p.s. yes i do keep using the twilight smile thing. it is because i love her.

hey hey its me (obviously) i just realised this thingy has a coment section and it sais i could be the first sooooo .......... yep i supose im the first :twilightsmile:

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