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Applebloom, Sweetiebelle, and Scootaloo have grown up and found their cutie marks after so many years. However nothing remains for them to advance their talent in Ponyville, so the they separate and travel across Equestria to find a decent line of work. When they begin to miss each other, they start to write letters. Secrets start to form between the former CMC members, happiness s stifled by the realization of life, and they feel as though the only happy time in their lives was when they were in Ponyville, together.

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The skies darken, the clouds gather, and rain begins to drench all of Ponyville. The pegasi claim that the winds are too strong for them to fix whatever is going on. This wasn't just another passing rainstorm. Something terrible is about to happen, something that we are well acquainted with here in our world, but to the citizens of Ponyville, it might as well spell the end. Everything they've taken for granted, gone, and they can only cower in fear as it's taken away from them.

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